Sinead O’Connor – “How About I Be Me (And You Be You)” (2012)


Label: One Little Indian

Review by Luisa Mercier

This is the first release after five years for the legend Sinead O’ Connor and someone may object that “Theology” was not a real full-length as well as all the special compilations and the albums in Gaelic language. So to find her latest true release, we have to go back to 2000, when “Faith And Courage” was recorded. Media all around the world were more focused on the gossip, the rumors, her shocking statements or actions than her music lately and I have to admit that even when she was under the limelight in the ’90s, I knew her more for this than for hits like “Nothing Compares to U”“How About I Be Me (And You Be You)” is a true, intimate record. Nine songs with a classic structure (a modern pop-rock produced by John Reynolds) in which the old rebel tells us about herself, sincerely and sometimes merciless.

She also tells stories about other people: mothers who raise their children without a father, men who fight against addiction (“Reason with Me”), but finds what suits her the most when she speaks in first person (“Old Lady”, “The Wolf Is Getting Married”), when she talks about the nostalgia for her kids (“ Very Far From Home”) or gets angry over the hypocrysy of Catholic Church and all those believing in it (“Take Off Your Shoes” and “VIP”). Once again the pedophiles scandals is the main subject of her lyrics and I can’t help but agreeing with her. Nine songs off ten are original compositions, while “Queen of Denmark” is a cover of John Grant, that is perfect for her since it lets her tell all she thinks in a very ironic way. Well I was glad to have the chance to know a bit more this great singer through this record. She is back with all her anger, melancholy and sweetness.

Rating – 70/100



  1. 4th and Vine
  2. Reason With Me
  3. Old Lady
  4. Take Off Your Shoes
  5. Back Where You Belong
  6. The Wolf Is Getting Married
  7. Queen of Denamrk
  8. Very Far From Home
  9. I Had a Baby
  10. V.I.P


Line Up

  • Sinéad O’ Connor – Vocals
  • Justin Adams – Guitars
  • Kevin Armstrong – Guitars
  • Marco Pirroni – Guitars
  • Tim Vanderkuil – Guitars
  • Kenny Bogan – Acoustic Guitar
  • Damien Dempsey – Acoustic Guitar
  • Julian Wilson – Keyboards
  • Caroline Dale – Cello
  • Sam Dixon – Bass
  • Clare Kenny – Bass
  • Chris Constantinou – Bass
  • John Reynolds – Drums & Piano


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