Label: LoveLeaks/Caroline/Universal

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Theresa Wayman, also known as TT, debuts her solo album “LoveLaws”. The cover shows a suitably arty one-shoe seated pose, including a chair, shadow, and contrasting open space. Beyond the cover image, perhaps the album sounds a bit like Bjork, perhaps it is a bit like Beck. If one’s head is turned to the side, it does resemble the effect of nothing else experienced in wonderland. If Alice had found the note “HEAR ME” is this what she would have heard? Perhaps the best influence is TT‘s other musical gig with her bandmates in Warpaint. The musical approach on “LoveLaws” seems similar to the few Warpaint songs I sampled while finding these words. Of the music videos, “Mykki” [video] and “I’ve Been Fine” [video], the latter demonstrates the mood of the album more accurately. While the tropical, chilled-out vibe of “Mykki” is not at all out of place, the imagery of the video does not seem to sit alongside the rest of this musical party well. But that curious displacement does actually fit well with the overall effect of “LoveLaws”, it is simply difficult to see when considered in isolation. The surreal darkness of “I’ve Been Fine” takes us on a better trip through the looking glass. It is a more personal video, and that is what the album sounds like – a personal trip through dreamy landscapes. From the minimal (almost) monotone guitar accompanying a seemingly private rendition of “Sassafras Interlude”, the album stretches a long way to reach the repetitive discordant combinations in “The Dream”. It does sometimes seem as though a few different albums have been randomly spliced together from random record studio discards, but nothing from that process would be as well constructed as “LoveLaws”. Trippy, chilled out vocals regularly combined with strong bass and drums. Distortions in reality and other effects are added to enhance the listening experience. Creative works this fine are rare in the musical world, so while it may not suit many, it is an impressive work nonetheless. Admire “LoveLaws” for its personality and well-constructed calm chaos.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Mykki
  2. I’ve Been Fine
  3. Love Leaks
  4. The Dream
  5. Tutorial
  6. Dram
  7. Safe
  8. Sassafras Interlude
  9. Take One
  10. Too Sweet