Walking On Cars – “Everything This Way” (2016)


Label: Virgin/EMI Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Everything This Way” is the debut album from Walking On Cars. The band call themselves pop-rock which is appropriate, though the lead vocals tend to give the music an indie sound. The band come from Ireland, but you would not tell that from the music they make – there is no accent in the album. What they do have is the gravely-depressed voice of Patrick Sheehy. It contrasts with the positive melodies, and full sound from the band members Sorcha Durham (piano), Evan Hadnett (drums), Paul Flannery (bass) and Dan Devane (guitar). Where you will find an Irish accent is in music videos. Many of the songs have visuals to give another artistic layer to the music. Though the album does not stray from the theme of relationships – and the videos reflect the theme – there are a few interesting effects created. Effort has been expended in the videos so they are worth watching if you like their music. And what about the music? The songs are straightforward, the music is polished, clichés are covered, I can tap my fingers to the tunes. The contrasts are what give Walking On Cars an edge. The piano melodies alongside the rock, the upbeat music against the slightly sad vocal delivery. The band have done well to be so well knit on “Everything This Way”. The songs here stay within a fairly similar sound. “Tick Tock” is my favourite song, it reminds me of “Iris” by Goo Goo Dolls. But that also indicates where the band can improve. If they balance their professional polish with a bit more raw energy or take the songwriting up a level, they will become more distinctive. They have a good sound, and I think they can push it a bit more to set themselves apart from others. “Everything This Way” is a great debut, it does demonstrate a talented band.

Rating – 77/100



  1. Catch Me If You Can
  2. Two Stones
  3. Don’t Mind Me
  4. Ship Goes Down
  5. Speeding Cars
  6. Love Backs Down
  7. Always Be With You
  8. Hand in Hand
  9. At Gunpoint
  10. Tick Tock
  11. Flying High Falling Low
  12. As We Fly South


Line Up

  • Patrick Sheehy – Lead vocals
  • Sorcha Durham – Piano, vocals
  • Dan Devane – Guitar, vocals
  • Paul Flannery – Bass, vocals
  • Evan Hadnett – Drums, percussion





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