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Review by Tony Cannella

The Swedish band You Say France and I Whistle are as unique as their name. To call them metal definitely a stretch – I really don’t see it at all. You Say France… are an eclectic band that is for sure. Their songs have a quirky sense of humor and musically they are a mix of alternative, ska and get this… Polka (they have an accordion player for heaven’s sake).

You Say France’s… debut is called “Angry Men” and from the opener of the first track you realize that there is something unusual about this band. The band utilizes both male and female vocals and it is easy to see that they don’t take themselves too seriously, obviously they take their music seriously but some of their lyrics have an eccentric sense of humor. Songs like “This Sunday, Right?”, ”OMG”, “Prom Queens” and “Attaboy” are songs that are easier to digest the second time around, the first time you are just trying to figure out what the heck is going on? I don’t know how or why this album came to me, but I have to admit that it has a peculiar sort of charm to it after a few listens. I am not sure if this is something I will listen to a ton, but I definitely respect the individuality of this band and their broad horizons musically.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Angry Men
  2. Attaboy
  3. Animal
  4. Our Spiderweb
  5. When Lover’s Die
  6. Cats
  7. This Sunday, Right?
  8. OMG
  9. Johnny Ulysses
  10. Prom Queens
  11. Where’s My Gun?
  12. I’m On Your Side
  13. Second Thoughts
  14. Take My Shoes


Line Up

  • Ida Hedene – Lead Vocals & Keyboards
  • Claes Carlström – Lead Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
  • Patrik Marcus – Lead Vocals, Guitars & Keyboards
  • Petter Wesslander – Drums
  • Christian Wester – Bass


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