Ayria – “Plastic and Broken” EP (2013)


Label : Alfa Matrix

Review by Davide Torresan

Ayria is a Canadian dance-pop musical project formed by Jennifer Parkin. She’s the former singer of the EBM group Epsilon Minus, and after the departure from the band she decided to give birth to this solo project. Its sound is characterized by her soft and sweet voice and melodic beats close to industrial and dance music. Actually she’s working on her 4th album whose title will be “Plastic Makes Perfect”. In the meantime Jennifer decided to release this EP, “Plastic and Broken”, which is available for download on her Bandcamp page. This digital 7-track EP includes 2 songs that will be featured on her forthcoming album.

They are “Plastic Makes Perfect” and “Missed the Mark”. Both these songs are really danceable and well done with their electronic beats and the pop singing. The remaining songs are nothing more than the remixes, and they’ve been done by Project Pitchfork, Daniel B. Prothese, Junksista, Komor Kommando and Dimension Flux. They will delight the ones who love to have fun on the dancefloor, specially with the Komor Kommando remix. I can definitely say that this “Plastic and Broken” is a delicious appetizer waiting for the future release.

Rating – 72/100



  1. Plastic Makes Perfect
  2. Missed The Mark
  3. Plastic Makes Perfect (KOMOR KOMMANDO’s imperfection mix)
  4. Missed The Mark (PROJECT PITCHFORK mix)
  5. Plastic Makes Perfect (Daniel B. PROTHESE mix)
  6. Hunger (DIMENSION FLUX mix)
  7. Missed The Mark (JUNKSISTA mix)


Line Up

  • Jennifer Parkin – Vocals


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