Label : Alfa Matrix

Review by Davide Torresan

Ayria is back! After the release of the EP “Plastic and Broken” we are all invited to return on the dancefloor with her new album: “Plastic Makes Perfect”. The Canadian queen of EBM returns to entertain us with her danceable songs. This time the thing that struck me most was the mood of some songs. For example the single “Hunger” is perfect when you’re angry with the entire world. Instead “Friends and Enemies” has a catchy rhythm which fits perfectly as the background of a club. In short, from these simply words you understand that there’s no space for sadness. Although Ayria tried different styles with her voice, in her world only one thing exists: the desire to entertain the listeners. This CD is available not only in the normal CD format but also in other two versions. There is a deluxe carton box edition and another one for free if you buy the limited edition. Both of them contains several remixes that will delight the lovers of industrial and electro-pop.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Hunger
  2. All That Glitters
  3. Big City Lullaby
  4. Big Plans
  5. Friends And Enemies
  6. Games
  7. Letter From An Angel
  8. Missed The Mark
  9. Plastic Makes Perfect
  10. The Box Under My Bed
  11. The New Style Of Riot
  12. Three Months


Line Up

  • Jennifer Parkin – Vocals



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