Label: Out of Line

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Blutengel are a dark wave band who have been making music since 1998. To celebrate their success they have released new versions of songs from their albums from “Child of Glass” (1999) through to “Tränenherz” (2011). There is also a two disc version of the album which includes songs from their more recent albums on the second disc (original versions, not reworked). This compilation is called “Nemesis: The Best of & Reworked”. In many ways they have a similar approach to that of the eighties new wave band Human League. The keyboard based music, the deep almost chanting male vocal regularly harmonised with female vocals, sometimes led by the female vocal. However, they have a more dangerous sound. The gothic theme of their work is evident in the song titles and their the band name – blood angel. Five of the songs on this album are new recordings of tracks originally on “Seelenschmerz” (2001). “Labyrinth” (2007) contributes two songs and the rest are single selections from various albums. Of note, the 2001 single “Black Roses”, has been reworked, so there is a concentration on their early recordings with only two songs coming from the later albums, “Schwarzes Eis” (2009) and “Tränenherz” (2011). I like this approach of taking favorite tracks from the early albums, reworking them with the experience, new techniques and ideas gained since the band started. Curiously there is an absence of any songs from “Demon Kiss” (2005). Though “Demon Kiss” contains some great songs, I am considering “Nemesis” more in terms of the effort that went into it rather than song choices. The band selected twelve excellent tracks from their early career and reworked them for our musical cravings. While they are the same songs as the originals, the band has made the effort to change many aspects, it sounds pretty awesome. I am trying to pick out favorites to highlight for you but all of these songs are excellent. Do you love eighties new wave? What about industrial rock? How about songs in the theme of gothic supernatural? This album is a good starting point for fans unfamiliar with Blutengel and is also valuable to long time fans. Everyone should own a copy!

Rating – 95/100



  1. Vampire Romance (Reworked)
  2. Children of the Night (Reworked)
  3. Behind the Mirror (Reworked)
  4. Soul of Ice (Reworked)
  5. Die With You (Reworked)
  6. Black Roses (Reworked)
  7. Lucifer (Reworked)
  8. Der Spiegel (Reworked)
  9. Engelsblut (Reworked)
  10. Weg Zu Mir (Reworked)
  11. Bloody Pleasures (Reworked)
  12. Reich Mir Die Hand (Reworked)
  1. Sing
  2. Asche zu Asche
  3. Save Our Souls
  4. You Walk Away
  5. Seelenschmerz (Symphonic Version)
  6. Ein Augenblick (Symphonic Version)
  7. No Eternity (Piano Version)
  8. Dancing in the light
  9. Soultaker
  10. Nachtbringer
  11. The Oxidising Angel
  12. Über den Horizont
  13. Krieger (Electro Version)
  14. Monument


Line Up

  • Chris Pohl – Vocals & programming
  • Ulrike Goldmann – Vocals





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