Delerium – “Mythologie” (2016)


Label: Metropolis Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

In the chilled world of ambient music Delerium has been entertaining us since 1987. “Mythologie” will be the band’s 15th album and continues the approach of ethereal electronic soundscapes accompanied by several female guest vocalists. It is a strategy the band uses well; having a variety of vocal styles adds colour to the tracks and the choice of artists is typically impeccable again. “Seven Gates of Thebes” is an instrumental track and “Continuum” featuring Leah Randi is almost one as well. Mimi Page (4 songs) and Jaël provide a laid back pop platform for “Mythologie”. The differences between the featured artists helps create interest. Geri Soriano-Lightwood evokes a cool lounge with a slightly jazzy “Ghost Requiem”. I do have my favourites of the featured artists. The sultry but dreamlike vocals of Phildel help elevate “Zero” and “Ritual” to be standouts. JES brings a distinctive husky edge to “Stay” and “Once in a Lifetime”. All of the songs have a relaxed tempo and an element of darkness in their overall mood. The only moment I did not appreciate was a squeaking sound among sounds of nature at the start and end of “Angels” – probably just me though. “Ritual” is the first single from the album and, as expected, has remixes to take the song in a few different directions. “Mythologie” is a delight and there will no doubt be more releases and remixes of tracks to come – there are definitely plenty of options on the album. For the moment, it is a pleasure to be immersed in the buoyant sound of “Mythologie”. I expect the album will be a rewarding experience for years to come, so the fossil like cover imagery is quite apt.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Blue Fires (feat. Mimi Page)
  2. Zero (feat. Phildel)
  3. Keep On Dreaming (feat. Jaël)
  4. Stay (feat. JES)
  5. Angels (feat. Mimi Page)
  6. Ritual (feat. Phildel)
  7. Seven Gates of Thebes
  8. Ghost Requiem (feat. Geri Soriano-Lightwood)
  9. Once in a Lifetime (feat. JES)
  10. Made to Move (feat. Mimi Page)
  11. Continuum (feat. Leah Randi)
  12. Dark Visions (feat. Mimi Page)


Line Up

  • Bill Leeb
  • Rhys Fulber



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