Dol Theeta – “The Universe Expands” (2008)


Label : Electronic Art Metal

Review by Luisa Mercier

Dol Theeta is another project by Thanasis Lightbridge, who is the leader of another electronic metal band, Dol Ammad. This project is more focused on keyboards and synth that the other one and as the title suggests, the record tells about space landscapes, space stories. Electronica meets metal and the mood is quite the right one as in “Silver Air”. The soprano Kortessa is in charge of vocals and her vocal lines are light as air, really beautiful and fitting the whole atmosphere of the album. “Nighttime” has an Eastern feeling, really sensual and feminine. Metal is not that present, but really I do not miss guitars at all since the influences are a lot: from Pink Floyd to gothic to ambient and chill-out music. “Mud” is more metal oriented with more prominent guitar riffs over the electronic background and beautiful Kortessa‘s voice.. Following piece is more an electronic intro to “Something Called Tomorrow”, a long, dreamy song that will take you in a journey. I can see clear influences from Arjen Lucassen‘s projects. “Afterlife Crescendo” is more progressive and psychedelic, though the moods are quite varied since the song is nine minutes long. “Every Goodbye” is clearly influenced by jazz and lounge music and since I love this kind of music, I welcomed the change. “Goddess” is quite similar to the previous songs and so is “And Through a Dream”. One of the highlights of the album is the final track “The Universe Expands”. It is opened by Celtic melodies and spoken words by Kortessa and becomes more metal towards the end. The end result is quite eerie. Overall this is a good album and lovers of electronica and progressive will appreciate it for sure.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Which Are You
  2. Silver Air
  3. Nighttime
  4. Mud
  5. In the Forest I Found
  6. Something Called Tomorrow
  7. Afterlife Crescendo
  8. Every Goodbye
  9. Goddess
  10. And Through a Dream
  11. The Universe Expands


Line Up

  • Kortessa Tsifodimou – Vocals
  • Dimitris Makrantonakis – Guitars
  • Thanasis Lightbridge – Drums & Keyboards


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