Helalyn Flowers – “White Me In Black Me Out” (2013)


Label : Alfa Matrix

Review by Davide Torresan

Born in 2006, the Italian Helalyn Flowers reach the goal of the 3rd album after a couple of nice works like “A Voluntary Coincidence” and “Stitches of Eden”. This duo of musicians is formed by Nøemi Aurøra and Max, and they propose a rather original sound that mixes industrial, rock, an abundant use of electronics and the beautiful voice of the singer Nøemi.

“White Me In Black Me Out”, like the title suggests, shows us the two faces of a medal: one white, calm and melodic, and another one, black, dark and chaotic with its guitar riffs and some overwhelming refrains that will punch you brutally in the face. The global sound of the album is very easy to enjoy since it’s bare but really effective. This is the perfect proof that if you want to do good music than it’s not necessary to add layers and layers of instrumentations and other sounds one above the other.

Among the best songs of “White Me In Black Me Out” there is definitely “Tribes of the Future” with its heavy guitar riffs close to metal. Nøemi‘s voice is perfect in every songs. She’s able to switch from the pop style to a dirtier one. Surely one of the highlights is “Rid of Me”, where her voice becomes really expressive. “Utopia” represents one of the quieter moments since it’s more atmospheric. “Hi-Tech Medusa” has some catchy electro beats that will get stuck in your head, and the refrain is even better! In conclusion, the only adjective I can find to describe this album is “addictive”. It’s like a drug: once you’ve tried it, you’ll not have enough.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Before the Sunshine
  2. Collide
  3. White Me In Black Me Out
  4. Tribes of the Future
  5. Alkaline Twins
  6. Electric Night
  7. Rid of Me
  8. Shake
  9. Utopia
  10. Hi-Tech Medusa
  11. Lost in Translation


Line Up

  • Nøemi Aurøra – Vocals, songwriting, bass, synths, lyrics, visual
  • Max – Guitars, songwriting, synths, programming, production


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