Label: Alfa Matrix

Review by Davide Torresan

Krystal System reached the fateful goal of the 3rd album. After “Underground” and “Nuclear”, the French duo formed by Bonnie and Seven presents us their musical proposal with the new “Rage”. Compared to the previous work, this couple of musicians decided to not change the sound but to increase their music power. I try to explain it. If in “Nuclear” sometimes you had the impression to find some boring moments, on “Rage” you’ll change your mind. The music is fuller and robust, you’ll find more guitar riffs and the voices are more aggressive in some songs like “Paradise” and “Heroes”. Indeed Seven‘s vocals now and then remembered me the ones of Marilyn Manson and Peter Tägtgren of the industrial metal band Pain. Some songs like “Hurricane” and “A Quick Pray” will delight those who love to dance with songs that mix rock, elektro and industrial. I was amazed by how certain songs, though heavy, can be so danceable. For me the best songs are the French ones: “La Lame Dans Ta Main” and “Fantôme”. I never thought that French could match so well with a musical genre like this. I really changed my mind, specially on the last song that I mentioned. Another song that I liked was “Tyler’s Waltz” which, as you can guess from the title, has the waltz rhythm and a little circus touch. To finish, Krystal System will not be original with their proposal, but this “Rage” will kick some ass in the clubs.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Rage
  2. Paradise
  3. The Next Light
  4. Hurricane
  5. La Lame Dans Ta Main
  6. I Wanna Be
  7. Tyler’s Waltz
  8. Parasites
  9. A Quick Pray
  10. 26 Days
  11. Heroes
  12. Fantôme
  13. Bye (Rage)


Line Up

  • Bonnie – Vocals & Guitar
  • Seven – Synth, Vocals & Bass



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