New Order – “Music Complete” (2015)


Label: Mute Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

New Order have been making music on and off since 1980, longer if you want to include the Joy Division days. Music Complete” would not have been out of place if was released in the eighties, and neither is it out of place now. This has less to do with the current recycling of sounds of that period, and more to do with the skill of the band to create pop perfection. The New Order roster has changed, Peter Hook departs and Gillian Gilbert returns – you expect these type of moves with successful bands after being together for years. They sound fresh on Music Complete”, the band stated that the changes in band members have allowed them to be more creative with this album. Whatever the reason, they have delivered a set of songs worthy of the New Order legend, but without any need to be aware of it – new fans can start here confident in hearing something spectacular. On Music Complete” the band is joined by many guests. With all the guest activity there are only a few songs on which New Order play alone. It is difficult to pick the best of these, they are all good. For me “Nothing but a Fool” wins today, but my choice might change regularly. As for the collaborations, they help create a wonderfully diverse experience. Tom Rolands (Chemical Brothers) co-writes two tracks leaving a distinct impression on “Singularity” and “Unlearn This Hatred”. Brandon Flowers (The Killers) co-writes and features on “Superheated”. Elly Jackson (La Roux) helps bring some funk to two tracks, “Tutti Frutti” and “People On the High Line”. She also features on “Plastic”, a song with clear references to the seventies and eighties. Listen for Donna Summer‘s “I Feel Love” and more than a touch of the band’s own “Blue Monday”. Iggy Pop takes on the vocals for “Stray Dog” and this is the standout collaboration. His rough and abused spoken-word vocal contrasts extremely well with New Order polish to create a dark and seedy atmospheric song. “Restless” is the first single from the album and has an accompanying music video. It shows the synthpop/dance-rock style that you can expect from New Order. With Music Complete” we have received a new classic album. Hopefully it will be as influential as their early works.


Rating – 92/100



  1. Restless
  2. Singularity
  3. Plastic
  4. Tutti Frutti (feat. Elly Jackson)
  5. People on the High Line (feat. Elly Jackson)
  6. Stray Dog (feat. Iggy Pop)
  7. Academic
  8. Nothing but a Fool
  9. Unlearn This Hatred
  10. The Game
  11. Superheated (feat. Brandon Flowers)


Line Up

  • Bernard Sumner – Vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesisers
  • Stephen Morris – Drums and percussion, keyboards, synthesisers & drum programming
  • Gillian Gilbert – Keyboards, synthesisers & vocals
  • Phil Cunningham – Guitars, keyboards, synthesisers & electronic percussion
  • Tom Chapman – Bass, backing vocals & synthesisers

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