Psy’Aviah – “Introspection/Extropection” (2011)


Label : Alfa Matrix

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Belgian act Psy’aviah releases its fourth record and they once more deliver us their eclectic style, blending laid-back moody piano songs, upbeat techno-rave, dark elektro and female fronted EBM-pop.  As you might have thought, the album is quite varied.  The highlight is definetely “Ok”, a moody piano-based song which has been also chosen to shot an emotional video. You may find it on YouTube. The following “Nouveau Quiche” features two guests, MC Dééjoohcéé and Thomas C Beerten, who lend to the song an electro-rap feeling.

The other collaborations are found on “Deep Dark Desire” (feat. The Swedish singer Kari Berg) who graces the track with dark, melodic vocals and on the closing song “Home”, featuring Lis van De Akker. You can also find more up-beat moments as in “Human Garbage” or the virulent “Virtual Gods” which offer some techno moments. On “Introspection/Extropection” there also is a cover you might not expect. It is “Timor” originally by Shakira. The original electro-pop becomes a trance-techno mix, making the song quite unrecognizable. In the end, I found the record very enjoyable, suitable for every kind of electronic taste you might have; from dance-floor hooks to more intimate moments.

Rating – 80/100



  1. SOS Overdose
  2. Procedure to Mistrust
  3. On My Own
  4. Deep Dark Desire (feat. Kari Berg)
  5. Virtual Gods
  6. Ok
  7. Nouveau Quiche (feat. MC Dééjoohcéé & Thomas C Beerten)
  8. The Worst in Me
  9. Timor
  10. Human Garbage
  11. Song of Independence
  12. My List
  13. Wired Life
  14. Home (feat. Lis van den Akker)


Line Up

  • Emélie Nicolai – Vocals
  • Yves Schelpe – Producer & Composer
  • Ben Van de Cruys – Guitar


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