Label: One Little Indian Records

Review by Matteo Bussotti

Can we consider “Samaris” as a folk album? I’m saying this because it seems like calm, haunting, relaxed but, in a certain sense, creepy sonorities are what distinguishes Iceland from the rest of the world. Is this kind of music (Do you know Sigur Ròs? You what I’m talking about then) becoming the voice of a nation? I hope so. I really, really hope so.

Samaris‘ sounds are beautiful, with a strong electronic component, and many ambient sounds which will get you in a relaxed mood and take you on a beautiful trip…full of dangers. There’s a small “subtext” across the album: every song may seem harmless, but it gives the feeling that something bad is bound to happen. Like in a horror movie, you wait for something that’s going to happen, but you don’t know when it’ll happen. The result is a beautiful feeling, which really draws you into the album, gently forcing you to listen closely to it. The 4 remixes at the end give a nice breath of fresh air to the whole listening experience. So, defining this album with words is incredibly difficult, I’ve tried in many ways, but I think that the only words I can use to make justice to Samaris are “Listen to it”.

Believe me, it’s the only way. The whole album is an experience, to listen non-stop from the first to the last track; it’s not one of those album where you go like “Oh, yeah, I really like this song! Let me hear that song!” Of course, some songs may hit you more than others (For me it was “Góða Tungl” above all the rest), but it’s not an album where you extrapolate two or three songs and listen to me separately from the rest. Do you have spare time? Listen to this album. Are you going to do a long road trip? Listen to this album while you’re driving, and listen carefully (Unless you’re tired. Then probably some bad thing will surely happen). Special mention for the beautiful voice of Jófríður Ákadóttir, which really adds that special touch that makes every song haunting, and beautiful. I’ll just leave this at the end. Samaris are all teenagers. One million points for those young talented musicians!

Rating – 85/100



  1. Hljóma þú
  2. Viltu Vitrast
  3. Góða Tungl
  4. Stofnar Falla
  5. VögguDub
  6. Sólhvörf I
  7. Sólhvörf II
  8. Kælan Mikla
  9. Hljóma þú (Muted Remix)
  10. Viltu Vitrast (Futuregrapher Remix)
  11. Góða Tungl (DJ Arfi Remix)
  12. Stofnar Falla (Sub:Minimal Remix)


Line Up

  • Jófríður Ákadóttir – Vocals
  • Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir – Computer musician
  • Þórður Kári Steinþórsson – Clarinet



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