Siva Six – “The Twin Moon” (2011)


Label : Alfa Matrix

Review by Luisa Mercier

The Greek duo Siva Six is back on the scene after five years of absence. Their latest release was the their second album “Black Will” and now “The Twin Moons” comes to fill the void they had left. What is peculiar about this record is that a real orchestra has been hired, the one directed by Chris Antoniou, who may be already known to our readers because of his work with Septic Flesh and Chaostar. The basic concept revolves around ancient human tribes, destruction of the earth, alien race. Quite apocalyptic, indeed. The music highlights this aspect since it is quite harsh, the beats are restless as Z ‘svocals are. There is not much space for moody songs or melody pieces in this record. Listen for example to “Intha Ren”, the pace is very fast, it feels like running! It will be a hit on dance-floor, that’s for sure. The short piece “Love Is the Low” is where orchestra can be heard more clearly, before “Serpent Whore”, one of the highlight of the album.

The sound is both epic and danceable given the mix between orchestra and techno music, definetely enjoyable. Darker and gloomier is “Hell Is Wherethe Heart Is”, almost instrumental with a soundtrack feeling. The electro part is minimal here, while more space is left for the orchestral parts. Similar to this is “Two Against the World” where spoken parts are placed over calm, dark, ambient music. Not the same can be told of “Angels of the Nine” which resembles “Intha Ren” as far as the rhytm is concerned. Everything in “The Twin Moons” is well crafted and produced, a must for all EBM lovers!

Rating – 80/100



  1. Faileth Stars
  2. The Twin Moons
  3. Intha Ren
  4. Valley of the Shadows
  5. Love Is the Low
  6. Serpent Whore
  7.  Hell Is Wherethe Heart Is
  8. Necropolis
  9. Angels of the Nine
  10. Two Against the World
  11. Blade Runner (Stardust)


Line Up

  • Z – Vocals
  • Herr Khaos – Keyboards & backing vocals


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