BELLADONNA – Italian quintet becomes the first rock band in the world to auction a new single as a 1-of-1 NFT



Only one copy of the single will ever exist,
and – another industry first – the auction winner
will also become the owner of the song’s rights

New Future Travelogue is Italian rock band Belladonna‘s new single, and it is a release that might make music business history.

Thanks to the NFT technology, only one unique digital copy of New Future Travelogue will ever exist. The song’s NFT will be auctioned, and the auction winner will be the only person that will own it. 

The auction winner will also be assigned the Master Rights of the song. No music sale has ever offered this in the history of recorded music. The Master Rights will grant the New Future Travelogue auction winner all the Master synch fees that the song will ever earn if used in movies and trailers, plus its streaming/sales income, shall she/he decide to eventually release it on Spotify/Apple Music etc. in collaboration with the band.

Belladonna‘s music has already been synched in many international trailers and movies (Minions, Fantastic 4, Black Panther, Godless, Split, and Michael Moore‘s Fahrenheit 11/9 to name only a few), which makes owning the Master Rights to one of our song a sound investment (pun intended!)” says Belladonna‘s guitarist Dani Macchi.

“For the first time in history a song’s recording can be as unique as a Renaissance painting, and therefore highly collectible. We feel that the release of ‘New Future Travelogue’ could usher a new era in the perception of Music as Art” adds singer Luana Caraffa.

Months in the making, New Future Travelogue is a 9 minute long opus, a musical journey on dying and reincarnating that features Arthur Conan Doyle‘s voice, spoken through a medium in a seance years after he had died.

The auction winner will immediately be able to access the full-quality WAV file of the original Master of the song and the document that assigns her/him the song’s Master Rights. She/he will then be personally sent by the band the only existing 12″ vinyl copy of the single.

The auction for New Future Travelogue has just started and will last until the 27th of March on leading music NFT marketplace Ghost Market at this link:

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