In this special article, we offer a glimpse with a written report and photos of the debut show of the ex-Delain Charlotte Wessels happened on the 23rd of October in Utrecht, NL.

Report and photos by Miriam Cadoni

Since the unexpected announcement of the Dutch symphonic metal Delain about its line-up change, there was some kind of expectation regarding the members future’ outside the main band. After the break-up, the former singer Charlotte Wessels initiated what I would call her saving community on Patreon. This exclusive space gave her the chance to experiment and grow as a multi-disciplinary artist.

Indeed, tonight is the labor of three long years of development during the pandemic where the Dutch artist had (and still has) the possibility to freely create her art. After releasing her two volumes “Tales from Six Feet Under” via Napalm Records, we can already define this live as her milestone. The reasons behind this statement are multiple. And they will be analyzed here in this report.

In the past, I had the chance to see Delain live on several occasion and what I’ve perceived during this debut show is that Charlotte Wessels was able to entirely express herself without any sort of imposition. It’s a mature artist capable to be chiefly in control of her opus. Even with the whole scenic aesthetic proposed during her show.

Secondly, even her musical formula is a complex but enjoyable melting pot of her artistic expression. Her compilations are defying any label and any definition both musically and lyrically, showing pure and tangible confidence. In this matter, it’s important to underline that the whole show as to be considered as the exclusive release show of her double release.

Indeed, the word exclusive entails some special guest as the cellist Elianne Anemaat and Arch Enemy‘s singer Alissa White-Gluz which they add their unique touch on songs such as “Toxic”, “Fools Parade”, “Lizzie”, “I Forget”, “Victor” and “The Final Roadtrip.” Now, after this exciting appetizer, my curiosity leads me to fantasticate if Charlotte would be brave enough to (keep) bringing her project alive with an extensive tour planning. Only the future knows.

Before concluding this live report, a well-deserved space has to be dedicated to the opener: the magnificent Marcela Bovio. Being her second live show after her forced stop between her illness and the pandemic, the artist has absolutely entertained the audience with her amazing voice and songs together with the pianist Eric van Ittersum. During the performance, the artist announced the return of the never forgotten band Stream of Passion in September 2023 and her participation to the upcoming Ayreon‘s shows. Giving this, I really hope that she will make time to even promote her solo material properly. Because it will be a real pity if Marcela won’t give these songs the exposure that they need.

Charlotte Wessels – CHARLOTTE WESSELS + MARCELA BOVIO @ TivoliVredenburg

Marcela Bovio – CHARLOTTE WESSELS + MARCELA BOVIO @ TivoliVredenburg

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