Live Report & Photos by Erwin van Dijk

huntress 17Huntress and Gold are two bands which qualify the describtion “Female Fronted Metal” but are worlds apart musicwise. The two bands did share the stage at the 013 venue in Netherlands on a hot saturday night. The 013 is one of the larger venues in the Netherlands. Bands like Therion, Kamelot and Dragonforce visited the venue in the past. In fact, Huntress was the opener for Dragonforce some time ago. The Stage1 is of course not as big as the main hall of the 013 (the Stage1 would fit on the stage of the main hall) but as Milton said it’s “Better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven” and a headliner gig is more fun than a couple of songs in front of an audience who are waiting for the headliner. It’s also the second gig for Gold at the 013. The band did a gig at the very prestigious Roadburn Festival.

Gold (from the city of Rotterdam) decribes themselves as a “comtemporary rock band that’s heavy because of the songs, not the sound”. The band has only time for 6 songs (see setlist) from the “Interbellum” album. Those six songs are a beautiful musical voyage from seventies rock songs to their modern counterparts. It is not the average “drink booze and bang your head” music you might expect as opener for Huntress. However, it was well performed and singer Milena Eva has a very suitable voice for this kind of music.

Huntress is different. The band descibes themselves as “Melodic Heavy Metal” but personally I would put some King Diamond and Dio in the mix. Huntress did ten songs (see setlist below), most of them from the album “Spell Eater”. A lot of gossip around singer Jill revolves about her connection with Playboy. Maybe that’s the American way of getting attention from the media but she does not really need that. Jill is a very good performer on stage and her voice suits the music perfect. Combine this with some talented musicians and the result is a band that is destined for greater things. But, sadly Huntress will do only a few gigs in Europe before the band returns to the USA for an insane amount of gigs at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival so if you want to see them in Europe your only change will be the Download Festival.




  1. Gone Under
  2. North
  3. Love, The Magician
  4. Antebellum
  5. Ruby
  6. The Hunt



  1. Blood Sisters
  2. Destroy Your Life
  3. Spell Eater
  4. Senicide
  5. Starbound Beast
  6. Zenith
  7. Nightrape
  8. Oracle
  9. I Want To Fuck You To Death
  10. Eight Of Sword



Huntress : Facebook * Twitter * Site

Gold : Facebook * Twitter * Site


And now watch some nice pics from the show here below in the gallery!

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