XANDRIA @ Dames of Darkness, The Robin, Bilston, UK – 10/05/2014


Live review  by Abigail Henry

On the 10th May many fans, united by their love and support for German band Xandria, travelled to attend the annual Dames of Darkness Festival held at The Robin 2 in Bilston, England. Armed with a new album and a new singer, the audience eagerly anticipated Xandria’s return to the stage.

The atmosphere was fantastic. Beers were poured, food was served and everyone had gathered to the stage to watch great performers own their set and audience. When Jaded Star had finished their last song, in which I was still in awe at, mesmerized by Maxi Nil’s incredible talent and charisma, I couldn’t help but feel the excitement knowing Xandria were soon to begin. Having been very familiar with their previous work with Lisa Middlehauve and Manuela Kraller, I did not know what to expect from Ex-Libris singer Dianne Van Giersbergen.

The second the music began the audience in unison cheered and displayed their happiness at the sight of the Phillip, Marco, Steve and Gerit taking position, but there was still one person missing. Where was Dianne? The woman we had been so curious to see live as the newest member of the band. The familiar sounds of “Nightfall” played and soon we were graced with Dianne’s compelling beauty.

Her delivery was nothing but remarkable from her vocal talents to her performance. She embraced a look of Cleopatra, wearing an ensemble germane to a phoenix, a stunning golden headpiece and her eyes dark and commanding. She was the queen and below her people listened, entranced by the mastered sound of a seasoned musicians and her siren-like voice.

The set list was kept to their previous two albums and featured many songs from their newest release “Sacrificium” and several from “Neverworld’s End”. A great mix of songs was performed. Songs the audience knew so well they could sing along and new and exciting tracks that left the crowds wanting more. One of new songs performed shares the same name as the album “Sacirifium” which proves how Xandria have developed incredibly over the years. The song itself is a journey that captures the message of the new album perfectly. Embracing a theme, knowing who they are and what they wish to represent is one of Xandria’s many strengths, which they execute with great conviction.

Formed in 1994 and 2014 marking the 2nd decade of Xandria’s ventures, the band have reached a new zenith, which is incredible considering the masterpiece that is ‘Neverworld’s End’. Marco with his ambition and talent has crafted Xandria into a paragon.

Keep an eye on your local venues for Xandria, request their presence or travel to see them. With their current high standards you will not be disappointed. From the high energy tracks such as “Little Red Relish” to the tranquil and capturing essence of “The Undiscovered Lands” Xandria will provide you with a show filled with passion, performance and entertainment.


Set List

  1. Nightfall
  2. Blood on My Hands
  3. Until the End
  4. Forevermore
  5. Sacrificium
  6. Cursed Stardust
  7. The Undiscovered Land
  8. Soulcrusher
  9. Dreamkeeper
  10. Valentine (Encore)


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