IGNEA: announce new album

Ukrainian Metal Upstarts IGNEA Set to Release New Album, ‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’, via Napalm Records

Ukrainian Metal Upstarts

IGNEA Set to Release New Album, ‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’,

via Napalm Records

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Official Music Video for First Single Nomad’s Luck” Out Now!

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With their incredible talent for storytelling and already impressive recognition as a band-to-watch, Ukrainian upstarts IGNEA are ready to share their highly-anticipated, thrilling next adventure!

Mixing heavy riffs and epic lyricism with symphonic, electronic and multicultural folk elements, the melodic metal five-piece will release their new concept album, ‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’, on April 28, 2023 via Napalm RecordsIGNEA continues their sonic sojourn after previously impressing international metal fanbases with tracks like “Jinnslammer”“Alga” and “Disenchantment”, boasting a noteworthy number of views on YouTube alone and recently receiving honors at the Best Ukrainian Metal Act Awards.

Despite the ongoing brutal war in Ukraine causing immense challenges with their album production, IGNEA were never discouraged while creating the cinematic concept album ‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’. They firmly stand strong and proudly present their multifaceted voyage – inviting the listener to follow them into new worlds!

The band’s first single, “Nomad’s Luck”, takes listeners on an energetic journey showcasing IGNEA’s incredible talent for story-telling. The song is only a piece of the brand new concept album, which resembles an epic soundtrack. The Ukrainian band is ready to enchant fans with their powerful performances!

IGNEA about Nomad’s Luck’:

“‘Nomad’s Luck’ is about all the dangers of the road. Traveling on her own to the distant corners of the world, Yablonska could have died multiple times, from poisonous plants and diseases to superstitions and taboos of the natives. She could have settled down but her will for discovering new places overshadowed any risks. In this song, it’s as if Yablonska questions herself, how long she would last this way, ‘pushing nomad’s luck’…”

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IGNEA: announce new album

Dive into heavy, score-like sonic worlds and dream of lands unseen with

Ukrainian force IGNEA!

The 10-track concept album, ‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’, reflects the life of Ukrainian photographer and documentarian Sofia Yablonska, known for traveling to very distant corners of the world while documenting the lives of tribes and natives, which was especially dangerous and uncommon for a woman of her time.

Sonically, IGNEA creates a captivating masterpiece which resembles, thanks in part to diverse genre-influences, an epic soundtrack-like experience. Producing, mixing and mastering was helmed by Max Morton (JinjerMorton) whilst Dmitry Kim managed engineering and drum production.

“Dunes” kicks off with the rough screams of highly-gifted singer Helle Bohdanova, standing in contrast to the song’s feathery, dreamy melodies. A perfect picture of the endless Sahara is conjured when hard-hitting riffs combine effortlessly with far-eastern melodies. The track is followed by “Daleki Obriyi” – only one of two songs on the album sung in Ukrainian language, honoring their home country and mother tongue.

Implying distant horizons, the album’s subject, Sofia, is now far away from modern human civilization. Brutal death metal rhythms and shouts crash together with catchy synth passages, representing the beauty of the islands. Ready to move on, Sofia sails to the next country – spending so much time on the water, it becomes her “Incurable Disease”.

Carried away by the gleeful synth-sounds of the sea and turbulent, pounding waves, it creates an extraordinary voyage. Songs like “The Golden Shell” and “Opiumist” – the latter featuring Finnish vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen of Wolfheart – are an ode to Yablonska’s experiences she gathered in Chinese culture. Cheery eastern melodies and brutal growls create the atmosphere of a heavy trip. On Nomad’s Luck, restless guitar riffs mixed with powerful deep shouts create an ominous sound – a symbol of the constant questioning of one’s lifetime.

Vocalist Helle Bohdanova on the album:

“This record is not just our take on the around-the-world adventures of Sofia Yablonska but also a tribute to one of the greatest Ukrainians of the past century. Her cutting-edge lifestyle, wisdom, savviness and breathtaking stories are so exceptional that they could inspire us to write several more albums. I, myself, am a passionate traveler, and Yablonska’s philosophy is very close to mine on so many levels. Let me invite you on this journey and show you the dreams of lands unseen through Sofia’s eyes…”

IGNEA: announce new album
IGNEA: announce new album

‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’ Track List:



3.Camera Obscura

4.Далекі Обрії

5.To No One I Owe

6.Incurable Disease

7.Nomad’s Luck

8.The Golden Shell

9.Opiumist feat. Tuomas Saukkonen


‘Dreams of Lands Unseen’ is available in the following formats:

=> LP Gatefold Vinyl Creamy

=> CD 6-page Digisleeve

=> Bundle T-Shirt + CD

=> Digital Album

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