SILENCE IN THE SNOW reveal new single

SILENCE IN THE SNOW unveil ‘Dreams of Disbelief’, the second track taken from the Californian dark wave duo’s forthcoming new album “Ghost Eyes”, which is scheduled for release on September 22, 2023.

SILENCE IN THE SNOW unveil ‘Dreams of Disbelief‘, the second track taken from the Californian dark wave duo‘s forthcoming new album “Ghost Eyes“, which is scheduled for release on September 22, 2023.

Please see below for cover arttracklist, and further details of “Ghost Eyes“. 

The melancholic song ‘Dreams of Disbelief‘ is available for immediate publication via the following link

SILENCE IN THE SNOW reveal new single

SILENCE IN THE SNOW comment: “The song ‘Dreams of Disbelief’ is a deeply personal reflection”, singer and guitarist Cyn M muses. “It’s an introspective journey into the haunted realms of the subconscious. The beauty and sorrowful elements of the music brought deep memories and feelings to the surface during the writing process. The lush textures and cinematic soundscapes make it feel almost like a dream, in which you drift from sadness and sorrow into empowerment.”

SILENCE IN THE SNOW reveal new single
SILENCE IN THE SNOW reveal new single

1. Drift 
2. You Fade 
3. To Hide 
4. Dreams of Disbelief 
5. Let the Wild In 
6. A Colder View 
7. Ghost Eyes Interlude 
8. Ghost Eyes
9. All Fall Away 
10. Death of the Heart

There are only a very few bands today that manage to combine the classic spirit of dark wave and post-punk with emotional musical intelligence. SILENCE IN THE SNOW can easily count themselves among this vanguard. The duo has in the meantime relocated from Oakland to Arcata in the North of California, a town situated at the picturesque Arcata Bay that opens into the Pacific Ocean, and surrounded on land by national parks and Redwood forests.

This move might in part explain why their third album “Ghost Eyes” comes with a warm, organic sound, and rich sonic textures that outshine already highly praised previous releases. “Ghost Eyes” carries a musical wisdom and maturity that makes the melodic, dreamy, expansive, and immersive songs on the album stand out well defined against a stylistic background that exists in a space between dark wave, post-punk, and alternative rock. There is pinch of THE CURE, JOY DIVISION, SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, THE MISSION, and even KILLING JOKE.

Yet the Americans have clearly defined their own sound, which also incorporates contemporary ingredients. Particularly the interplay between Cyn M and drummer Trevor DeSchryver, who has credits from WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and DEAFHEAVEN among many others to his name, is creating pure musical magic that gives acoustic form to the duo’s vision to capture a spiritual and temporal awakening that occurs as a result of all the challenges, obstacles, and trauma experienced on “Ghost Eyes”.  

When Cyn M emerged with the self-released SILENCE IN THE SNOW debut “Break In The Skin” onto the Californian scene in 2016, the album offered a deliberately minimalist palette of sound with a clear focus on the emotional  side of music. Rave reviews and word of mouth spread as far as across the Atlantic, but instead of resting on her laurels, Cyn M rather dared to venture into new sonic dimensions by adding real organic drumming to the sophomore full-length “Levitation Chamber” (2019).

Although “Levitation Chamber” was also greeted with open arms by critics and fans alike, in hindsight and by comparison, it also becomes evident that the second effort was still quite driven by experimentation and a search forward motion in fascinating ways. With their third album, the Californian duo have arrived where they want to be: “Ghost Eyes” is the defining album and the creative ground from which SILENCE IN THE SNOW will reach new emotional heights.

Release date: September 22, 2023
Style: Dark Wave, Post-Punk
Label: Prophecy Productions

Line-up Cyn M – vocals, guitar
Trevor DeSchryver – drums

Guest musicians
Alex DeGroot – synths, additional guitar
Michael Ciravolo – additional guitars

Michael Rozon at SAINTinLA Studio, at Schecter Guitar Los Angeles HQ, USA

Additional recording, production, mix
Alex DeGroot at Alex DeGroot Productions, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Douglas Henderson at micro-moose-berlin, Berlin, Germany

Artwork by Trevor DeSchryver
Layout by Łukasz Jaszak



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