CHEZ KANE – “Powerzone” (2022)

With “Powerzone”, “the rigorous British rocker, Chez Kane, has been making some bold moves” which shows “how to grab the listener by the wrist and enchant them with not only her lyrics” but her music too.

Frontiers Music SRL

Review by Marshworth

CHEZ KANE - "Powerzone" (2022)
CHEZ KANE – “Powerzone” (2022)

The rigorous British rocker, Chez Kane, has been making some bold moves with her brand new record “Powerzone” released in late October of this year. Following its predecessor, “Chez Kane”, this second solo record, via Frontiers Music SRL, takes on a whole new beast.

Cranking this ten-track masterpiece up to 12 encompasses everything a true Chez fan wants to uncover within her music. Kane knows just how to grab the listener by the wrist and enchant them with not only her lyrics but through Rexon’s rendition of the theme of the quest. Even after taking on the world with her two sisters, in their group Kane’d, she steadily finds a way to keep her loyal fans coming back to the “Streets of Love”.

The feeling of absolute nostalgia washes over me as the first track, “I Just Want You”, wails through my headphones to make me feel as if I’ve heard this record a billion times before while I’m preparing for a billion and one. Kane brings a certain softness to the authenticity of her lyrics to make it seem as if I’m right beside her as she scratches it down on a sheet of paper. Gravity pulls at every word just as they echo throughout the speakers. Not many artists are able to bring back the sense of home and keep uninterrupted as the album progresses. Kane takes every opportunity that arises in order to break every norm that follows the rock genre to create this record and it undoubtedly pays off in her favor.

Whilst having her self-title record in her back pocket and ”Powerzone” in her fist, she’s definitely able to break every chart for the melodic rock style. The album is called “Powerzone” for a reason. The electricity that Kane delivers throughout the ten tracks is unquestionably original, sure as hell sincere, and 100% legitimate. I honestly never knew that I needed Chez Kane in my life before I had slipped in my headphones to blast her previous works. It isn’t easy to top your preceding works, but she makes it look easy. Coming from a person that doesn’t prefer a woman vocalist, this is seriously good music. There are moments that I could deal without, but other than that, I can say with my whole heart that Chez will forever have a place on my everyday playlists.

This woman has worked for everything she’s ever accomplished and isn’t afraid to say so! She’s more than grateful and thankful for everything she’s received as far as publicity and makes sure that her fans know that without them, she wouldn’t be anywhere. On her Instagram she had written, “…just feel[ing] bloody good enough to be that powerful woman you’ve always dreamed of being My music (in my opinion) speaks for itself and I have an amazing team working alongside me…” which shows her gratitude toward not only her fanbase but the team behind her as well as herself. Usually, a woman in this scene can be seen as either a sexual object or a robot produced by the record labels, and Chez goes on to show the world that she’s neither. She’s simply: Chez Kane.


  1. I Just Want You
  2. (The Things We Do) When We’re Young in Love
  3. Rock You Up
  4. Love Gone Wild
  5. Children of Tomorrow Gone
  6. Powerzone
  7. I’m Ready (For Your Love)
  8. Nationwide
  9. Streets of Gold
  10. Guilty of Love

Line Up

  • Chez Kane – Vocals
  • Danny Rexon – All Instruments

CHEZ KANE – “Powerzone” (2022)

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