EPIC – “Starlight” (2022)

Here in this review, we examine the 2nd LP “Starlight” by Canadians hard rockers EPIC released via Escape Music. Indeed, “you can’t deny the strength of the material”

EPIC – “Starlight” (2022)

Escape Music

Review by Tony Cannella

EPIC - "Starlight" (2022)
EPIC – “Starlight” (2022)

This is my first exposure to the Canadian melodic, hard rock/metal band Epic.  The band released their debut “Like a Phoenix” in 2016, but it is their sophomore effort “Starlight” that will serve as my introduction to the band.  And what a cool intro it is.

The instantly contagious track “I Want” gets the ball rolling. EPIC showcases their infectious melodies and monster riffs right off the bat; it is something the drives the record throughout the 12-songs and 46-minutes’ worth of music presented here. 

The vocals of Tanya Rizkala are also quite impressive.  She has a raspy voice that goes together with sheer level of melodicism EPIC has to offer; her voice is a perfect match for the riffs provides by Mario Agostine“Carry On” keeps the train moving full steam ahead. It opens with another great riff, and that melody is just freakin’ cool. Indeed, my favorite song. Next is “Can’t Get Over You” which starts off as a ballad, before slowly building into a mid-tempo track. The song goes back-and-forth with tempo changes. In the end it’s just a great song which sounds perfect for mass consumption.

Other highlights: “Groovin’ For You”, “Crazy” and “Invincible”. The word I keep going back to is melody or melodic.  To me that perfectly sums up what is cool about the band Epic and their 2nd album “Starlight”.  You also can’t deny the strength of the material.

  1. I Want
  2. Carry On
  3. Can’t Get Over You
  4. Groovin’ For You
  5. Crazy
  6. My Way or the Highway
  7. Stars
  8. Face the Storm
  9. Hold On
  10. Invincible
  11. Starlight
  12. Mais Lui
Line Up
  • Tanya Rizkala – Vocals
  • Mario Agostine – Guitar, Keyboards
  • Chris Childs – Bass
  • Souheil Moukaddem – Drums

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