MOTOR SISTER – “Get Off” (2022)

The US super band MOTOR SISTER is back with swagger with their second LP “Get Off” which promises to be “a rock and roll feast for the ears and the soul”.

MOTOR SISTER – “Get Off” (2022)

Metal Blade Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Motor Sister – “Get Off” (2022)
Motor Sister – “Get Off” (2022)

Motor Sister originally started out playing covers of Mother Superior songs. They released their debut album “Ride” in 2015 made up entirely of Mother Superior tunes. With their sophomore album “Get Off”, the band has released an album made up almost entirely of originals – apart from one Mother Superior song. 

Monster riffs dominate the 42-minutes worth of music contained on “Get Off”. Lead vocalists Jim Wilson (formerly of Mother Superior) and Pearl Aday makes a tremendous duo as the band rips through 12-songs worth of driving, hard charging 70’s influence hard rock and metal with a modern twist.

In addition to Jim Wilson and Pearl Aday, guitarist Scott Ian (Anthrax), bassist Joey Vera (Armored Saint and Fates Warning) and drummer John Tempesta (The Cult, White Zombie, Exodus, among others) rounds out this stellar line-up. “Can’t Get High Enough” as an opening track just melts the speakers, right-off-the-bat. “Coming For You” keeps the momentum building.  “Right There, Just Like That” is full of attitude and swagger. 

“Sooner or Later” starts with an AC/DC style riff and then evolves into a Thin Lizzy like mid-tempo rocker. Jim Wilson’s vocals – for me – conjured up thoughts of Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) or Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy), he’s got an organic classic 70’s rock and roll style of vocals that just clicks with me. And with Pearl Aday helping with the harmonies and occasional lead vocals, it’s a winning combination. 

The riffs keep coming on strong with “Excuse Me, Your Life is Exposed” and “Lion’s Den”“1,000,000 Miles” must be my absolute favorite track, the riffs are rock-solid as per usual and the way the lyrics are delivered by Jim Wilson and Pearl Aday gives the song an added element of energy and attitude; this may be my favorite song released so far, this year. The doomy, Black Sabbath-y break down near the end is great. 

“Pain” is the lone ballad on the record and offers an emotional, haunting vibe. “Time’s Up” reminds me a bit of early 70’s KISS and is just a straight-ahead rocker. “Get Off” concludes with a cover version of the Mother Superior track “Rolling Boy Blues” and a great way to end the record.

With the array of talent that makes up Motor Sister, how can you go wrong? “Get Off” is a rock and roll feast for the ears and the soul.


  1. Can’t Get High Enough
  2. Coming For You
  3. Right There, Just Like That
  4. Sooner or Later
  5. Excuse Me, Your Life is Exposed
  6. Lion’s Den
  7. 1,000,000 Miles
  8. Pain
  9. Bulletproof
  10. Bruise It or Lose It
  11. Time’s Up
  12. Rolling Boy Blues

Line Up
  • Pearl Aday – Vocals
  • Jim Wilson – Vocals, Guitar
  • Scott Ian – Guitar
  • Joey Vera – Bass
  • John Tempesta – Drums

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