SEMBLANT – “Vermillion Eclipse” (2022)

With the fourth album “Vermillion Eclipse” Semblant is poised to take another step into the upper metal echelon.

SEMBLANT – “Vermillion Eclipse” (2022)

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Review by Tony Cannella

SEMBLANT - "Vermillion Eclipse" (2022)
SEMBLANT – “Vermillion Eclipse” (2022)

Semblant was formed in Brazil in 2006. In that time the band has released three albums that saw it both grow its fanbase and emerge as a growing force in the world of heavy metal. With the fourth album “Vermillion Eclipse” (link) the band is poised to take another step into the upper metal echelon.

Whenever I listen to Semblant, it’s hard to nail down a genre where the band would sit comfortably. It’s not that easy. It’s heavy, but with healthy doses of melody peppered throughout the music. At times it’d thrashy and then it throws in some beauty in its style with goth-metal overtones. 

The dual male/female vocal tandem of Sergio Mazul and Mizuho Lin work magic together; they deliver different facets from Sergio’s clean to harsher vocals and Mizuho’s powerful pitch perfect emotionally charged approach. The music is relentless, yet beautiful at the same time. The come charging right out the gate with “Enrage” which is a perfect aggression fueled attention grabber of an opener. Through this 12-song 45-minute magnum opus the band delivers on track-after-track.  The whole album is so wonderfully written (both words and music) and is performed with a ton of passion and heart. 

Among the songs that stood out for me were: “Destiny in Curse”, “The Human Eclipse”, “Somber Concern”, “The Neverending Fall”, the ungodly aggressiveness of “Through the Denial” and the musical journey that is the 10-minute album closer “Day One Oblivion”.

It is really an amazing and cool thing to see how Semblant has grown since its 2008 debut up until now with “Vermillion Eclipse”.   Semblant is the real deal and all the proof you need is within the walls of this great record.  2022 could be a breakout year for Semblant and “Vermillion Eclipse” will be the catalyst. 


  1. Enrage
  2. Destiny in Curse
  3. Purified
  4. The Human Eclipse
  5. Somber Concern
  6. The Never-ending Fall
  7. Through The Denial
  8. Black Sun Genesis (Legacy of Blood Part VI)
  9. Heretic
  10. Bloodred Monarch (Legacy of Blood Pt. VII)
  11. Gaslighting
  12. Day One Oblivion

Line Up
  • Mizuho Lin – Vocals
  • Sergio Mazul – Vocals
  • Juliano Ribeiro – GuitarJ. “Guto” Augusto – Keyboards
  • Johann Piper – Bass
  • Welyntom “Thor” Sikora – Drums

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