CHARLOTTE WESSELS – An Interview with the artist

Nobody before the pandemic would have ever thought the improbable. But, when Dutch singer Charlotte Wessels, together with 3 more former members, announced her departure from Delain, hell came down on earth. Nonetheless, every silver lining has a cloud because the artist re-invented herself. Or better deepened her artistic knowledge by combining visual arts with music. In this context, both the volumes of “Tales From Six Feet Under” find their collocation here.

LAUREN RUTH WARD – posticipati i concerti in Italia, tre appuntamenti a dicembre 2020 (IT Press)

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Posticipati i concerti nel nostro Paese per LAUREN RUTH WARD,un eccezionale incrocio tra Janis Joplin, Florence Welch e Courtney Barnett. L’artista americana sar√† in Italia […]