Alunah – “White Hoarhound” (2012)


Label : PsycheDOOMelic Records

Review by Luisa Mercier & Tony Cannella

Second album for one of the most well-regarded British doom/occult rock bands. “White Hoarhound” is an important step for Alunah since their debut had raised a lot of expectations. I have to say that they live up to them and the record is a step forward in their style. Bass player Gaz Imber was more involved in the songwriting process and the result is quite apparent since the tracks are groovier and embrace the listener in the mesmerizing mix of doom, stoner and psychedelic rock. Singer Soph Day is always at the top of her skills, her vocals are harsh, evocative like a priestess and like the genre requires. “Demeter’s Grief” opening track is the sample of all I have said before, a real slowmotion earthquake, that will leave the listener entranced. Unlike other occult-themed bands I had the pleasure to listen to lately, Alunah are less focused on the mystical side of the lyrics, and are more Earth inspired. “Belial Fjord” is opened by tribal percussions and yet again defines what Alunah‘s sound is about: epic and masterfully crafted doom. Lovers of doom/psychedelic music will absolutely enjoy this record, its slowpaced tempos, the vintage production and the lysergic riffs.

 Rating – 75/100


From the Midlands, UK the band Alunah has received many strong praises for their brand of Doom Metal. With their second and newest album “White Hoarhound” the band hopes to build on past successes and firmly entrench themselves as catalysts in the Doom genre. Alunah has previously released their debut album “Call of Avernus” and an EP (“Fall to Earth”). Since those releases Alunah carries themselves like a band that is brimming in confidence, in both the performance and writing aspect of things. “White Hoarhound” is Doom through-and-through. The songs have a very heavy, plodding and deliberate pacing. The riffs are heavy and the songs have a definite 70’s classic Doom (Ozzy era Sabbath) to them. Songs like the 8-minute opener “Demeter’s Grief”, “White Hoarhound” and the two closers “Oak Ritual I” and “Oak Ritual II” should leave fans of serious Doom metal wanting more. It is hard for me to imagine many newer Doom metal bands being as good as Alunah. Based on what I heard on “White Hoarhound” this is as good as Doom metal gets and they should be forerunners in the genre in no time.

 Rating – 73/100



  1. Demeter’s Grief
  2. White Hoarhound
  3. Belial Fjord
  4. The Offering
  5. Chester Midsummer Watch Parade
  6. Oak Ritual I
  7. Oak Ritual II


Line Up

  • Soph Day – Vocals & Guitar
  • Dave Day – Guitar
  • Gaz Imber – Bass
  • Jake Mason – Drums



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