Astray Path – “The Hidden Line” (2008)


Label : Heckmann Studios

Review by Tony Cannella

From Germany, Astray Path play classically influenced Melodic, Gothic metal, and featuring the soaring classically trained vocals of Kathrin Kaifel. Their second – and newest – release was released in 2008 and is titled “The Hidden Line”. The CD features 8-songs and 46-minutes worth of some excellently crafted and sophisticated songs. I will admit to not being overly impressed with “The Hidden Line” the first time I heard it. But thankfully, I decided to give it a few more spins and then it really started to click for me by the end of the second listen. Astray Path mixes complex rhythms, piano and string arrangements in conjunction with the classically trained style of vocalist Kathrin Kaifel. The 8-minute opener “Dream” is one of the better tracks on display here. The second track begins with piano and develops into a mid-paced track. The piano is featured prominently throughout the CD and is used to excellent effect. The way the piano sounds on the CD, even reminded me of classic Elton John – set to a decidedly metal backdrop. My favorite track on the “The Hidden Line” is the ballad “Alone”. The track features only piano and cello in combination with the huge sounding vocals of Kathrin. This is just a true standout track, which reminds me a bit of “Feint” from the first Epica album, it has the same feeling and vibe to it. Astray Path are not afraid to step out of their Gothic “box” and incorporate other influences such as progressive metal. Other highlights include: “Black Hole”, the instrumental “I Believe” and the 8-minute closing track “Hidden Line”. The vocals of Kathrin Appel are monumental and combined with first rate musicianship makes “The Hidden Line” worth seeking out. Overall, “The Hidden Line” is a damn good album that has a lot to offer listeners, thanks to the inspired performances put forth by these very talented musicians.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Dream
  2. Seasons
  3. Black Hole
  4. I Believe
  5. Land of Fantasy
  6. Alone
  7. Foreigner
  8. Hidden Line

Line Up

  • Kathrin Kaifel – Vocals
  • Simon Hirth – Guitars
  • Simon Kaifel – Keyboards
  • Dora Tanswell – Bass
  • Wolfgang Kley – Drums



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