Blackthorn – “Gossamer Witchcraft” (2009)


Label : Ravenheart Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Straight out of Russia come the all female Black, Death, Gothic, Symphonic metal band Blackthorn (not to be confused with the Graham Bonnet led metal band Blackthorne who released one tremendous album in the early 90s). This band have been around since 2004 and have just now released the debut CD “Gossamer Witchcraft”. This is a CD that doesn’t waste any time in getting to the point and with a relatively short playing time (only about 35-minutes) the CD has quite an immediate impact. The music of Blackthorn paints quite a broad picture and makes a definite impact in a short amount of time. The opening intro “Immortelle for a Hollow Grave” sets the stage as the band blast into “Edenbeast”. The soprano vocals of Aina are front and center on this track, she also adds some screams throughout the course of the CD with keyboardist Freya helping out in that department as well. A nice opener that shows off the bands skill as musicians and songwriters. “Necromance” is next and it is a dark, heavy track with the screaming/extreme vocals starting out on this track before Aina joins in with her soprano style, as the two different styles go back-and-forth throughout the song. This is one of the better tracks that are presented here. “The Moon Emerged from Behind Clouds” is next and it really blasts through the speakers, with it’s high tempo and standout musicianship. Other highlights include: “Saturnia”, “Blackthorn Winter”, “The Blackness I Prowl” and the closing outro of “The Cobweb Veils Fall Down with Grace”. With songs relating to such themes as witchcraft, misanthropy and ancient cults, don’t expect anything too bubbly or light on “Gossamer Witchcraft”. Instead the music is the perfect soundscape for what the band is singing about.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Immortelle for a Hollow Grave
  2. Edenbeast
  3. Necromance
  4. The Moon Emerged from Behind Clouds
  5. Saturnia
  6. Blackthorn Winter
  7. The Blackness I Prowl
  8. Gossamer Witchcraft/span>
  9. Hell on Earth
  10. Will-o-the-Wisp
  11. The Cobweb Veils Fall Down with Grace


Line Up

  • Aina – Vocals
  • Elvira Alchemida – Guitars
  • Freya – Keyboards & Hysteric Screams
  • Verbena – Bass 
  • Varaska – Drums 



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