Crimson Rivers – “Sorrowful Hell” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Greece, Crimson Rivers plays symphonic/dark metal. The band features two lead singers going with the tried-and-true method of pairing an operatic female style female singer (Stella) with more extreme growly style male vocals (Marios). The band was formed in 2009 and in November 2010 they released their initial 2-song demo, “In Life’s Silence”. The two tracks that appeared on that demo can now be found on this, their debut full-length “Sorrowful Hell”. Besides the vocals – which while being nothing new – are very well done, Crimson Rivers also display some great musicianship and songwriting throughout “Sorrowful Hell”. The ominous intro to “Cursed Riddle” gets us started as the song kicks in and provides a bombastic and furious opening. The next track “Obscure Soul” is just a full on frenzy of guitar riffs with Stella handling most of the vocals and Marios joining in on the choruses. “Moonlight Whispers” changes the tempo a bit with some cool piano accompanied by some spoken words by Stella leading into the symphonic opening, before the song slows down and becomes a great mid-tempo track, packed with some fantastic musicianship. The next track “Path to the Death” keeps the momentum moving full speed ahead with its crushing guitar riffs and melodicism (which is present throughout the whole album). Up next is the atmosphere heavy title song, “Sorrowful Hell” which really goes to the top of the list for me. Other highlights include: “Lights of Reflection” and “Funeral”. With “Sorrowful Hell”, Crimson Rivers has released an outstanding introduction to the Femme Metal community and one that I am sure will secure them plenty of new fans… Here’s hoping anyway.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Cursed Riddle
  2. Obscure Soul
  3. Moonlight Whispers
  4. Path to the Death
  5. Sorrowful Hell
  6. In Life’s Silence
  7. Lights of Reflection
  8. Inner Suffering, Hollow Suffering
  9. Eclipse
  10. Funeral


Line Up

  • Stella – Lead Vocals
  • Fotis – Guitars
  • Thanos – Keyboards
  • Marios – Bass & Vocals
  • Makis – Drums



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