Dyonisis – “Blue Shift” EP (2008)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

I was a big fan of the self-titled debut from the U.K.’s Dyonisis, so I was very excited when I recieved a copy of the their new EP “Blue Shift” (especially because I had no idea about its release). As mentioned, this is an EP and it is designed as a bridge to their next full-length but at 38 minutes long it is obviously longer than your average EP. Before getting into the music, I’ll re-introduce the band members to you. Lou Welsby (Vocals), Nel Cave (Bocals), Marcus Cave (Bass) and Tom Chaffer (Guitars & Programming). So, with that out of the way, on to the music. Is this release any good? Is it worthwhile? Absolutely, I can say “Yes, it is” on both counts. The CD begins with the first new track called “Abyss” and immediately I am reminded why I loved the first CD so much. It starts of with some cool keyboard effects and then goes into a beautifully melancholic, ethereal number. Next is another new one – at least for Dyonisis. “Son of a Preacher Man” is a cover song (I believe it was originally recorded by British pop singer Dusty Springfield). I had never heard the original version so I can only say that Dyonisis‘ version fits right in there with the rest of their catalog. The new song “Let Go” is next and it is a somber track that has an acoustic base to it and it really takes you on a sublime journey. Of the new songs, this is probably my favorite – even though it’s a slower number, it is still plenty powerful and emotional. Next up is the first of two re-mixes. “Pretty at a Distance” was perhaps my favorite song on the debut and the “Blue Shift” remix does nothing to sway my overall enjoyment of the song. It’s a bit different than the original, but it is still very good. The next new song is “Shamania” a mostly instrumental track that adds to the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the CD. The final track is another remix. This time of the 10 minute long “Rainy Day”. The new version now clocks in at, oh only a mere 16 minutes and it is a perfect way to conclude things. As with the other remix, this one (dubbed the Psychedelic Kitchen Sink Mix) is a strong alternate take on another fantastic song. Even though this lasts 6 minutes longer than the original version, it never gets dull and really holds your attention. The “Blue Shift” EP is a very satisfying release that should hold us over until Dyonisis releases their next CD. It has indeed raised my level of excitement for their next full-length. Hopefully, we won’t have too long to wait. This is only limited to 200 copies so I would suggest that fans of the band scoop theirs up before they are all gone. In conclusion, Dyonisis are a band that are consistent, dynamic, interesting and just flat out good. They are everything I could want in a band.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Abyss
  2. Son of a Preacher Man
  3. Let Go
  4. Pretty at a Distance (Blue Shift Remix)
  5. Shamania
  6. Rainy Day (Psychedelic Kitchen Sink Mix)


Line Up

  • Nel Cave – Vocals & Lyrics
  • Lou Welsby – Composer & Keyboards
  • Tom Chaffer – Guitars & Programming
  • Marcus Cave – Bass 



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