Elis – “Catharsis” (2009)


Label : Napalm Records

Review By Erwin Van Dijk

Elis is a band from Liechtenstein and was formed out of the ashes of the band Erben der Schöpfung in 2003. although I am reluctant to call Elis’ music Gothic (it has a lot of doomy and other musical influences) but Napalm Records has labelled the promo as gothic metal. “Griefshire” was Sabine Dünser’s last album with Elis. Compared to this album “Catharsis” does not have many dramatically changes to the previous albums. Instead, “Catharsis” sounds like a band that knows what to do and, more important, how. Some people might recognize the song “I Come undone” because it is a cover. The original version was done by Jennifer Rush, way back in 1987 (from the album “Heart over Mind”), as usual with metal oriented bands this is a great version. Unlike today pop bands used to be real bands with real musicians so it is very easy to make more up-tempo covers of eighties pop songs (Atrocity released two albums full of covers). Unlike many other bands of the genre Elis finds it’s inspiration in the real world, about real persons and problems instead all the cliché song texts. Like the origin of the album title. Shortly before Sandra joined the band she went through a very hard time and according to her this was physically the hardest experience in her life. While her body was struggling to recover she has her own personal insights. That is one of the meanings of the word “Catharsis” according to her “the healing of the soul by going to tragedy”. The album “Catharisis” is about these experiences. And, we all know that the band Elis has had it’s own share of tragic. Sandra has grown as a singer since I first heard her on the Dreams of Sanity album “Komödia”. The song “Firefly” it worked but with Elis I do not think it really adds something to the album. More the opposite: with the song “Morning Star” sings Sandra a beautiful part until the voice over spoils the magic. But even with those voice-overs I think it is the best Elis album. Good songs and Sandra at her best. If you liked “Griefshire” then you will like “Catharsis” even better. To add that the digipack limited version will have a DVD including the Live at Metal Female Voices Festival 2007.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Core of Life
  2. Twinkling Shadow
  3. Warrior’s Tale
  4. Des Lebens Traum, Des Traumes Leben
  5. I Come Undone
  6. Firefly
  7. Morning Star
  8. Das Kleine Ungeheuer
  9. Mother’s Fire
  10. Rainbow
  11. The Dark Bridge


Line Up 

  • Sandra Schleret – Vocals
  • Pete Streit – Guitar
  • Chris Gruber – Guitar
  • Tom Saxer – Bass & Vocals
  • Max Näscher – Drums



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