Hestia – “La Hora del Traidor” (2010)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella 

Hestia is a 5-piece metal outfit from Spain. They have been in existence since 2004 and have previously recorded two demos and now they have unleashed their debut effort “La Hora del Traidor”Hestia plays music that features a ton of power and energy. The lyrics are sung in their native Spanish but the great thing about metal music is its ability to transcend cultures and Hestia do just that on “La Hora del Traidor” (the title translated into English is “The Hour of the Betrayer”). The atmospheric intro “Nocturno” segues into the galloping riff-age of “Hijos de la Noche”Hestia displays their classic heavy metal throughout this 43-minute disc. Although their influences may be of the classic metal variety, they still manage to sound relevant in today’s metal world. Some of the strongest moments are: the powerhouse “Volando Hacia el Sol” (featuring a blazing guitar solo), “El Traidor” and“Laberinto”.  At the front is the deep, powerful vocals provided by Sandra Quintas. “La Hora del Traidor” is a strong debut and I would be interested to see what Hestia is capable of in the future. This is the perfect album for headbangers young and old.  

Rating – 88/100



  1. Nocturno
  2. Hijos de la Noche
  3. Volando Hacia el Sol
  4. El Traidor
  5. Jinetes Negros
  6. Nómada
  7. Bardos Lejanos
  8. Eurídice
  9. Laberinto
  10. Sueños Perdidos 


Line Up 

  • Sandra Quintas – Vocals
  • Daniel Riva – Guitar
  • Brais Saco – Guitar
  • Emilio Bande – Bass
  • José Rubio – Drums 



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