HolyHell – “Darkness Visible – The Warning” EP (2012)


Label : Magic Circle Music

Review by Tony Cannella

With their newly released EP “Darkness Visible – The Warning”, HolyHell are really, really starting to come into their own. Their debut EP “Apocalypse” and self-titled full-length were excellent as well “Darkness Visible…” is a continuation of the brilliance the band has displayed previously. The opener “Lucifer’s Warning” is a moody, bombastic opener that has an epic feel to it, even though it is just over 6-minutes long.  Lead vocalist Maria Breon has an outstanding and powerful vocal delivery and guitar virtuoso Joe Stump is at the top of his game. “Accept the Darkness” is next and has a heavy opening riff that kind of reminded me of the German band Accept. The song has a great melody and chorus.  This song is just huge sounding. “Haunted” is next and starts with a symphonic intro and has an eerie feeling to it. The song is mostly a heavy, slow, plodding number before really speeding up near the end, “Haunted” quickly became another favorite. The 25-minute EP is concluded with a live version of “Armageddon”I really liked this EP a lot and at least as much – if not more so – than their previous two.  It’s hard to find anything negative to say about “Darkness Visible – The Warning” – perhaps the fact that it is an EP and not a full length?  But that would be nitpicking.  Still, I hope that HolyHell releases another full-length sooner rather than later.  This is as good as it gets in the power metal genre.

Rating – 90/100



  1. Lucifer’s Warning
  2. Accept the Darkness
  3. Haunted
  4. Armageddon (Live)


Line Up

  • Maria Breon – Vocals
  • Joe Stump – Guitars
  • Jay Rigney – Bass
  • Francisco Palomo – Keyboards
  • John Macaluso – Drums



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