Illuminati – “The Beginning” EP (2010)


Independent Release

Review By Tony Cannella

From Spain comes the melodic metal outfit Illuminati. Their new EP “The Beginning” displays plenty of technical proficiency, some solid riffs and memorable songs. The opener “Darkest Hours” has a relentless guitar riff running all the way through and combined with pounding rhythms and the soaring vocals of Ivana makes this a great opener. The next track, “Go To Hell” is quite heavy and features a faster pace than the previous song, some male grunt vocals can also be heard on the chorus. “Lies & Mistakes” starts off as a ballad before blasting off with another unforgettable riff. “Not Your War” and “Never Surrender” brings “The Beginning” to a bombastic conclusion. “The Beginning” simply rips from the opening until the last note is played. Hopefully Illuminati will be unleashing a full-length at some point in their future, until then, this will have to do. One thing is for certain, “The Beginning” hints at a world of potential for this fine young Spanish band.  

Rating – 83/100



  1. Darkest Hours
  2. Go to Hell
  3. Lies & Mistakes
  4. Not Your War
  5. Never Surrender


Line Up

  • Ivana – Vocals
  • Pau – Guitars
  • Vicente – Keyboards 
  • Grefu – Bass
  • Santy – Drums



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