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Interview by Erwin Van Dijk

On June 1st the compilation double cd “Demonic and Divine” is released by Femme Metal Records. The cd is to support the Macmillan Cancer support and Cancer research UK. A.D.D. appears with the song “The Path”. For full tracklisting checkout Femme Metal Store. A.D.D. is a rock / metal band from Lockport, Illinois (United States). The band was formed in 2002 and has released the album “Elements of Emptiness” at January 13 this year. This album includes eleven tracks including the song “The Path” that will be also featured on the “Demonic and Divine” album. This interview is with Margaret Young, the singer of A.D.D

Did you always wanted to become a singer?

Not always. I started really getting into it at about 13 years of age.

Who are your favourite singers and musicians?

There’s too many to name so here’s a few: Doro Pesch, Sandra Nasic, Skin, Ann Wilson, Linda Perry, Jeff Tate, Dawn Crosby R.I.P., Angela Gossow, Nikki Sixx, Zakk Wylde, Rob Halford, Tony Macalpine, Kings X, Steve Vai…it goes on and on.

And to what kind of music do you listen yourself?

Mostly the heavier genre but I do throw on some Janis Joplin every now and then.

Did you sing in any other bands before A.D.D. and do you any other bands right now?

Before A.D.D. I was in a band called Ballistic. A.D.D. is my full time gig right now.

What does the band name means? Attention Deficit Disorder maybe?

You would think right? It isn’t though. We came up with Analog Digital Disorder. A little old a little new…

How would you describe A.D.D’s music? Because Rock/Metal covers about everything with a guitar, bass and drums.

Hard rock with melodic vocals.

And what makes A.D.D. different compared to all the other female fronted bands in the world?

We have a unique approach and sound with the vocal harmonies and mix of heavy and clean guitars. It keeps us diverse and able to utilize our wide range of musical influences that all of us have.

Who are the other members of A.D.D.?

Dave Adams – Guitar, Randy Berg – Bass, Jeremy Sparta – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Ron Bailey – Drums.

Why did A.D.D choose the song “The Path” for the “Demonic and Divine” album?

Because the song is a good representation of all the different elements of our music all in one song. I also think it fits the album conceptually from a lyrical standpoint.

And how did you (the band) got in touch with Femme Metal?

I think we discovered the label through MySpace and Carrie Sharp contacted us.

Is song writing teamwork in A.D.D. or is there a mastermind behind the music?

It’s all teamwork. Everyone puts a little something of themselves in every song we write.

Can you tell us something about the songs on “Elements of Emptiness” ?

“The Path” 

Jeremy came in with most of the music and some of the lyrics for this one. Perfect track to start the album.


Took a while to write this song. Everyone can relate to these lyrics about the emptiness you feel when you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of in a relationship.


One of the earliest songs we wrote. Originally released on our first EP, we changed the intro and bridge sections, as well as added some vocal harmonies. Jeremy did not play or sing on the original version. A fan favorite that never seems to get old.

“Can’t Breathe”

This song was inspired by a show we played at a well known venue in Chicago early in our career. We were opening for a trendy band at the time, and their crowd had that arrogance about them as we were playing. The heavy part in the middle always catches people who haven’t heard it off guard.

“Too Late”

This is the last track we wrote for the record. Dave had most of the music written, but lyrically and melody wise, we struggled with this one for a while. Finished it while we were in the studio. A good opening song for us live. I went from hating this one while I was working on it to it being one of my favorites.

“Half of Me”

One of our more melodic songs. Tadpole (producer) worked us pretty hard on this one to get all the little syncopations and changes right.

“Bridges Burning”

A riff that Dave had for a while and Tadpole helped us turn into a song. We called it the “European song” before we had a title, since it has that kind of feel to it.


This song always brings the house down live.

“Don’t Say”

Another one of the newer tracks we recorded. Randy wrote the heavy chorus riff. Jeremy has a rocking solo in this song. Another song that translates well live.


The only real ballady type song we have. Dave has a solo in this one. We have rarely played this one live.

“Letting Go”

This is the second song Dave and I wrote together when we first started. Dave, Ron, and I are the only ones who played on it. We didn’t have another guitarist or bassist yet. The engineer who we recorded with in his basement played bass on it. The rawness and energy of the song come through on the recording. I would hope the listener would interpret the songs for themselves. They have many different meanings for different people.

What does the album title mean?

It describes the lyrical content of the record, which is pretty dark.

And what is your favorite song?

“Too Late” at the moment.

What are A.D.D. plans for the future?

Tour the world.

And the last question: Is there anything the reader should know that I have not asked?

Yes, that we greatly appreciate all the support that our fans give us……..



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