Levania – “Parasyntesis” (2012)


Label: Wormhole Death/Dreamcell 11

Review by Tony Cannella

Levania is a Gothic metal band from Italy. The band formed in 2007 and has previously released three demos, with the first one coming only a year after their creation in 2008. They have just released their debut full-length titled “Parasynthesis”. Levania employs three lead singers each of varying styles. First you have the female angelic and semi-operatic vocals of Ligeia. She is joined by guitarist Raven and Keyboardist Still, who supply extreme male vocals (both growly and screaming) and the other one adds clean, male Gothic-y type vocals. “Midnight of Silence” gets us started and straight away, it is one of the better songs. It has a doom-y, melancholic feel at the start, before speeding up. All three vocalists are introduced on this song, which is pretty cool. First you have the female vocalist and extreme vocals singing together, than the extreme and male gothic vocals together. The song includes a number of tempo changes. I would describe the general vibe of “Parasynthesis” as melancholy. The synth opening of the next song “Eroica” reminded me of early Nightwish. The song starts with some narration by the male gothic voice and he is joined by Ligeia. This song reminded me a little of Vintersorg and it actually has an almost progressive feel to it. “Natural Motion” starts with a heavy straight-forward guitar riff accompanied by violin and it moves at a rapid pace. Again, all three vocalists are represented on this track, a tactic that they use throughout “Parasynthesis” and it works quite well. Other highlights includes: “The Narrow Way of Juliette”, “Basteth’s Kiss” and the “Agharti” trilogy. There is some really good stuff on “Parasynthesis” and I would have no problem recommending Levania to my Gothic metal friends.

Rating – 73/100



  1. Midnight of Silence
  2. Eroica
  3. Natural Motion
  4. The Narrow Way of Juliette
  5. Basteth’s Kiss
  6. Agharti I
  7. Agharti II
  8. Agharti III
  9. Cathago Nova
  10. Sybyl of the Dark


Line Up

  • Ligeia – Vocals
  • Raven – Guitars & Vocals
  • Still – Keyboards & Vocals
  • Fade – Bass
  • Gianz – Drums



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