Triosphere – “The Road Less Travelled” (2010)


Label : AFM Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Triosphere are a Progressive Power Metal band from Norway. Their second album, “The Road Less Travelled” has just been issued via AFM records and to say that it goes straight for the jugular at the very outset is an understatement.“The Road Less Travelled”, features 11-tracks and a playing time of 51-minutes worth of music that stays pretty consistent throughout the disc. Musically, Triosphere follow a similar path to that of the great Pagan’s Mind, another Norwegian band. Although they are often considered in the Progressive Metal category, there is a lot of other cool things going on – not the long epic type numbers that many in the Progressive field are known for, the CD contains bits of orchestration at certain points, some great melody and the excellent guitar work of Marius Silver Bergesen and T.O. Byberg. Singer Ida Haukland‘s voice is simply huge, and she also pulls double duty as the Bass player. After the intro, “Ignition” reaches it’s completion, the barrage of guitar riffs begin with the opening track, “Driven”. This song is just a high energy, smoking song that really sets the tempo for what is to follow. “Human Condition” continues the strong music and features a great chorus, melody and thoughtful lyrics. My favorite track on, “The Road Less Travelled” is ultra-melodic, mid-tempo, “The Anger and the Silent Remorse”. There are also plenty of guitar-driven up-tempo songs – while still maintaining a melodic purpose, examples of this are: “Death of Jane Doe”, “Watcher” (check out the great solo in this one), “21”, and the cool title track, “The Road Less Travelled”. “The Road Less Travelled” is a majestically, glorious and powerfully melodic sophomore effort from Triosphere, and an album that totally caught me by surprise – in a good way. Even though the country of Norway is primarily known as one of the leading exporters of Black Metal, the amount of good power metal that comes from there should not be discounted, and Triosphere should certainly be added to that list.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Ignition (Intro)
  2. Driven
  3. Human Condition
  4. Death of Jane Doe
  5. Marionette
  6. The Road Less Travelled
  7. The Anger and the Silent Remorse
  8. Watcher
  9. 21
  10. Worlds Apart
  11. The Last Raven (Outro)


Line Up

  • Ida Haukland – Vocals and Bass
  • Marius Silver Bergesen – Lead and Rhythm Guitars
  • Tor Ole Byberg – Rhythm Guitars
  • Orjan Jorgensen – Drums



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