VV.AA – “Chalice of Femme Metal – Chalice of Obsidian Volume 1” (2011)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The new compilation from Chalice of Femme Metal is a pretty varied collection of songs from ten bands on the current Femme Metal scene. Among the 10-songs/bands presented here, the quality remains remarkably high throughout the 48-minutes. Things get off to a slower tempo start with “Salvation” by the always excellent Apparition. The orchestral Akoma is up next with “Forgotten Hero”. The power metal riffing of Pythia highlights the next song “Tristan”. “Shadows on the Tide” by Tainted Grace starts off with a cool, eerie guitar intro before the band joins in all guns blazing. Omega Lithium provides a modern metal sound with “Andromeda”. Mask of Judas picks up the heaviness and intensity even more with the machine gun riffing of “To I Your Conscience”. Fateless Tears showcases their brand of progressive Goth on “My Endarkened Self”. Rhode Island Red brings more of a blazing hard rock slant with their offering “Kerosene”. The symphonic Goth of Therion is up next with “Hellequin”. A live bootleg recording of “World of Glass” by Tristania from Stuttgart in 2005 with Vibeke Stene on vocals is a great way to bring this compilation to a close. On “Chalice of Obsidian” I was familiar with some bands and others were new to me, which is always the best thing about compilations. With so much music out there and not enough hours in the day to listen to all of it, compilations such as these provides a great service to metal fans.

Rating – 90/100



  1. “Salvation” – Apparition
  2. “Forgotten Hero” – Akoma
  3. “Tristan” – Pythia
  4. “Shadows on the Tide” – Tainted Grace
  5. “Andromeda” – Omega Lithium
  6. “To I Your Conscience” – Mask of Judas
  7. “My Endarkened Self” – Fateless Tears
  8. “Kerosene” – Rhode Island Red
  9. “Hellequin” – Therion
  10. “World of Glass (Live)” – Tristania
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