Jan 25, 2013

London Wilde – WildeStarr (2013)

Interview by Matteo Bussotti

WildeStarr second release, “A Tell Tale Heart”, came out not so long ago, so we decided to ask the band’s founder and frontwoman, London Wilde, some questions. Being an extremely experienced musician, and having worked in pretty much all the fields related to music, we had the chance to ask her about pretty much anything which came to our mind; and her answers were very satisfying, it has to be said. So, here we present you the interview with London Wilde, from WildeStarr! Enjoy!
Hi London, welcome to Femme Metal! We are very pleased to have you with us here. My first question is: you pretty much did everything regarding to music, you composed the soundtrack for an independent movie, you were a sound technician, and now you sing with WildeStarr. How do these aspects of music differ from each other, and, on the other hand, are they similar in some way?

Thank you Matteo, it’s great to be speaking with you! When someone hires you for a specific task, the goal is to present their vision to the best of your ability. In WildeStarr I am presenting my own vision, which is far more satisfying for me. It is also more challenging.  ALL my musical skills are required in the band because I sing, write melodies and lyrics, play keyboards, record, produce and mix. WildeStarr is the amalgamation of all my experience in music, and is much more personal.

Why did you choose to dedicate “A Tell Tale Heart” to E.A. Poe? Has Poe played an important role in your personal and artistic life, maybe?

The album is about a broken heart, and the journey it takes. The Edgar Allen Poe influenced stories are used as a metaphor for that journey and tells a new story. My writing in this theme happened organically without specific intent.  It could have been Tennyson, or Saki, other writers/poets I admire, but the subconscious creative mind chooses it’s own muse. Horror and macabre themes really lent themselves to what I was feeling at the time. Continue reading »

Jan 25, 2013

Elvyne Lorent – Whyzdom (2013)

Interview by Matteo Bussotti

It’s not an usual thing to have such a young singer in a successful band. Nonetheless, this is what happens in Whyzdom. Their career just took off with the release of their latest album, “Blind?”, and so we felt obliged to ask their singer some question! Talking to her has been a real pleasure, and although her young age, we can foresee a great future for Elvyne. So, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy our interview with Elvyne Lorient, from Whyzdom!
Hi Elvyne and welcome to Femme Metal! My first question is a simple, personal one: at what age did you start singing? Did you immediately fall in love with music, or did you take the “musical path” later in your life?

Hello Matteo ! I started singing at the age of 6 I think. It was my father who made me sing with him… and I never stopped since then. So it has become a part of my life very early.

I think your band’s name, Whyzdom, is an interesting game of words, isn’t it? Can you explain it to us?

Oh, since I joined the band only this year, I’m not sure that I know everything about this. Vynce told me once that it was based on several words : Wisdom, Why, Kingdom… so, well, for me it evocates a contrast between the quietness of wisdom and our music which is full of energy. Continue reading »

Jan 25, 2013

Italian Doomsters RAVING SEASON publish video preview of the upcoming album “Amnio”

Italian Doomsters RAVING SEASON has published video preview of the upcoming album “Amnio”  that was recorded and mixed by Federico Truzzi at Lemonhead Studios  and mastered by Esoteric mastermind Greg Chandler at the Priory Recording Studios. Check their Facebook for the latest updates. Continue reading »

Jan 25, 2013

Leslie Hunt – District 97

Interview by Alessandra Cognetta

Leslie Hunt is the lead singer of District 97, a prog band from Chicago that is (not so) slowly conquering the American music scene and establishing its own name at home and abroad. Their work is a surprisingly fresh combination of different styles and musical experiences, with two full-length albums released and an ever-growing touring activity. If you want to know more about District 97 (and believe me, you want to), this is the right place to start! 

Hello and welcome to Femme Metal, Leslie! We’re really glad to have you here with us. District 97 has just finished their US tour, how would you describe this experience, now that it’s over?

I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Each show was a success in its own right, and I absolutely love performing this music. I also love our fans! They are some of the most genuine and appreciative people I have ever met, and I am so honored to be on the receiving end of their loyalty. It was definitely a challenge to play eight nights in a row, especially since my performance style is getting more and more theatrical as our sound evolves, but as soon as we would play the first note, I was able to transport myself to the headspace required to experience the song as if it were my first time.

District 97 has never been featured on our Webzine before, could you introduce the band and its members to our readers?

Sure! I’m Leslie, and I sing, dance and play tambourine sometimes. Jonathan Schang is the drummer, primary composer, bandleader, AND he manages everything that happens behind the scenes, so we all give him serious props. Jim Tashjian plays lead guitar and sings backgrounds. Rob Clearfield plays keyboards and additional guitar. Patrick Mulcahy plays bass. Continue reading »

Jan 24, 2013

District 97 – “Trouble With Machines” (2012)

Label : Laser’s Edge

Review by Tony Cannella

Impressive! Utterly impressive and unexpectedly so, that is my first impression of the Chicago based progressive rock/metal outfit District 97 and their second album “Trouble With Machines”. The band is fronted by Leslie Hunt who was a top 10 American Idol finalist in 2007. You would never expect a contestant from that show to be playing in such an adventurous and progressive band, but that is indeed the case.

First off, vocalist Leslie Hunt is a revelation and the musicians that make up District 97 are virtuosos to say the least. The band mixes long, epic, intricately played numbers with shorter 4-5 minute more accessible songs throughout the 7-song, 55-minute disc. The almost 9-minute “Back and Forth” is the first track and a fantastic song. A couple of shorter ones follow “Open Your Eyes” and “The Actual Color” both can appeal to wide audience. Next is the 10-minute track “The Perfect Young Man”. Continue reading »

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