Jan 21, 2013

Russian Doom Gothic metal VOICELESS VOID Issues New Album Recording Update

Russia’s Voiceless Void has checked in with the following announcement about recording a new album:

Voiceless Void started recording the fifth full-length album. The album, tentatively called “Music of the Scarred Soul”,’ will contain 10 tracks totaling about 50 minutes.

“At the moment we recorded the drums, which came through one of the best Russian drummers Andrey Ishchenko, and we are working on the guitar and bass.”

Further details on the follow-up to the “Songs of Black Roses” album will be announced as they become available. You can also find more info on the band over at Facebook here. Continue reading »

Jan 20, 2013

To-Mera – “Exile” (2012)

Label : Illusionary Records

Review by Davide Torresan

Do you want the truth? When they gave me this album to review and I was sure it would be a “Delusions 2.0″. I expected it to be a real drag, progressive metal with a high rate of technical skills. I noticed the length of each songs and I was sure that I would be bored to death, like after listening to “Delusions”. At first I appreciated it when it came out, but then I realized that it was too long and tedious.

I thought the same thing of this “Exile”, the 3rd To-Mera‘s album. I was wrong about the new work of the British band led by the beautiful and charismatic Julie Kiss. Forgive me Metal God for I have sinned. Compared to “Delusions”, in this album they have lightened the songs, making them more straightforward. You can realize that, listening to the first real song, “The Illusionist”. They continue to use time changes, keyboard inserts, dreamy piano melodies and crazy accelerations. The Jazz parts are a constant, but they are not placed randomly. The production is better and clear compared to previous albums. Julie‘s voice is more powerful than ever before. Indeed, the instruments covered her voice, but now things have changed for the better.

“The Descent” has the craziest keyboard inserts of the whole album. With growl, the real surprise of “Exile”, they will make you a jump out of your chair. The end of the song is in charge of piano and strings. I could tell you of the 70′s prog influences of “Deep Inside”, or the wonderful voice of Julie in “Broken”, but the last three songs are simply fan-ta-stic! Continue reading »

Jan 20, 2013

Nightwish – “Imaginaerum: The Score” (2012)

Label : Nuclear Blast

Review by Davide Torresan

After almost a year of waiting, finally the soundtrack of the movie connected to the last Nightwish‘s album,“Imaginaerum”, is out. After its release the album had a global success, giving reason to the ambitious project of Tuomas Holopainen of creating a film with some new songs written by himself. Riding the wave of enthusiasm, Nightwish decided to leave for a long tour that took them first in Europe and then in North America. In October the waiting for the film’s release has been ruined by the premature split with the singer Anette Olzon. It caused the panic within the fanbase of the Swedish singer and an increase of hope to see the return of Tarja Turunen for the nostalgics of the “Old Era”. None of this happened. In no time Anette has been replaced with the talentuous Floor Jansen (Revamp, After Forever) to finish the tour in North America. To celebrate the end of the first part of the tour and the end of the works on the film, Nightwish decided to do a final concert at the Hartwall Areena in Helsinki. And the premiere of the film took place immediately after the show.

“Imaginaerum” (The Movie), directed by Stobe Harju, tells the story of Thomas Whitman, an elderly songwriter with an otherworldly imagination. During sleep, the old man fights to find the most important memories of his life and to relive the experiences of his youth. He must also contend with the fact that, due to a serious illness, his life is in danger. Only the dreams are the “sanatorium” to cure his imagination and soul. Continue reading »

Jan 20, 2013

Leigh Matty – Romeo’s Daughter

Interview by Miriam C.

In the late 80s as Tony (our reviewer) said in the reviews ” it was impossible to pick up an issue of Kerrang! Magazine without seeing something about the band gorgeous front woman Leigh Matty” – they were destined to be huge stars in the AOR/Melodic Rock panorama but something in the 90s changed, the grunge come and in a blaze crushed  and destroyed everything was good of the 80s and as a lot of AOR acts (including Romeo’s Daughter) were facing difficulties in promote their music and the only solution was put an end to a band. Only the brave survived to that infamous period. At this moment, the international AOR scene seems safe and sound, for sure we have some comebacks (see UK’s Fiona Flanagan and Dante Fox) but also some new rising stars (see Norway’s Issa or Sweden’s Nubian Rose); but talking about comebacks, after 19 years of stop and a successful comeback in 2009 at the Firefest festival, London based Romeo’s Daughter are back with a new self-released album called “Rapture” and seems that RSD are ready to rule the world. So, after this short intro, I think, it’s time to give some space and let Leigh Matty speaks herself.
Hi Leigh, first of all Happy Christmas and Happy New Year, welcome to Femme Metal Webzine and thanks for the interview. How are you? Would you mind share some details about the origins of Romeo’s Daughter? How the whole story started and when?

Dear Miriam – a very happy New Year to you too! Sorry about the delay in me getting this back to you! Well, the Romeo’s Daughter story really started in 1984/85 when I answered an advert in a well known music magazine – they were looking for a singer to front their band and I called the number and got through to Craig ( the guitarist and song writer). We got on very well on the phone and I ended up being the 1st singer they saw out of around 70 – I got the job! We worked on songs and getting the right band members for a couple of years and after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we released our 1st album in 1988. We were named after a line in “Cry Myself to Sleep” as no one could agree on a name – I don’t think we could have been called anything else though – it was perfect for us! Continue reading »

Jan 20, 2013

Romeo’s Daughter – “Rapture” (2012)

Label : RD Records

Review by Tony Cannella

There was always a curiosity about Romeo’s Daughter. In the 80s it was impossible to pick up an issue of Kerrang! Magazine without seeing something about the bands gorgeous front woman Leigh Matty. So, after a few years I finally heard them on one of the “Nightmare on Elm Street” soundtracks with the Mutt Lange produced “Heaven in the Backseat” it was an infectious slice of pop flavored, hard rock but shortly thereafter, they were gone – as the musical landscape had been changing. Fast forward almost 20-years later and the band has re-formed and releases the long awaited third album “Rapture”.

Prior to the release of “Rapture”, Romeo’s Daughter also re-issued their first two albums (both excellent, by the way) and all that brings us to “Rapture”. From the first note of the first song “Trippin’ Out”, it is almost like Romeo’s Daughter never went away. This is classic, infectious AOR rock very reminiscent of their earlier stuff. The beautiful “Bittersweet” has a melodic side that is just won’t quit and is largely acoustic driven and is one of the best songs. Leigh Matty hasn’t lost a thing vocal wise, in fact she may even be better than before. Other highlights include: “Cannot Be the One” (a pretty cool ballad), “Keep Walking” (a great up-tempo rocker with an AC/DC style riff), “Lightning”, “Precious Thing” and “Alive”.

So, 19 years is a long time between albums. It will be interesting to hear opinions of long time fans. Was it worth the wait? Well, for me “Rapture” is a successful return to form for Romeo’s Daughter. It is good to see them back and doing what they do best. Continue reading »

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