Jan 1, 2013

INTERVIEW: Maike Holzmann – Voices of Destiny

Interview by Ed MacLaren

Barely into their 20s, Germany’s Voices of Destiny has a musical maturity that belies their young years. With their shining debut, “From the Ashes”, Voices of Destiny is packed with massive chops and soaring vocals that match many of the premier symphonic metal bands you’re listening to right now. Vocalist Maike Holzmann joined Femme Metal to talk about the creation of “From the Ashes”.
Congratulations on the new album! With Massacre Records no less. How are you and the band enjoying the ride so far? The feedback must be excellent.

Working with Massacre and all the great people we met during the recording process is awesome. Of course, we got some positive reviews and comments on our homepage, but we can’t tell how often the album is sold by now. We will know better in a few weeks.

“From the Ashes” is a very multi-textured album that draws you in deeper each time you listen to it. There’s a lot of detail happening musically. What’s the key to maximizing the “From the Ashes” listening experience?

Maybe just sitting down and listening to the album carefully and consciously. If you read the lyrics while listening this might also maximize the experience. You can interpret them and find out how they fit into your life.

What’s really impressive about “From the Ashes” is the number of potential singles: “Ray of Hope”, “Return from the Ashes”, “Apathy” and “All Eyes on Me” are all standout tracks. Each song on the album can stand on its own as well as a cohesive part of the whole album. Was that the band’s approach during the songwriting process?

Yes, indeed. We didn’t write the album as a concept album. Some songs already existed for 2 years or longer. But we thought they’d fit the album as well. Every single song is good on its own but concerning the whole album they reach another level somehow.

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Dec 31, 2012

NEWS : Seduce The Heaven Reveals Details On New Album “Field Of Dreams”

Greece modern metal act Seduce The Heaven will release debut album “Field of Dreams” on January 15th, 2013 with pre-orders available at this location. You can also check out a music video for the track “Illusive Light” below. The full album’s track listing is as follows:

  1. Reflection
  2. Walls of Oblivion
  3. Leave Me Alone
  4. Field of Dreams
  5. Illusive Light
  6. Falling
  7. Ignorance
  8. Helpless Mind
  9. Baseless Addiction
  10. In Close Distance

Check the Facebook page for more infos.

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Dec 31, 2012

NEWS : Envinya Reveals Artwork, Track Listing For New Album “Inner Silence”

Symphonic German metal band Envinya debut album “Inner Silence” will be released this coming January 25th, 2013 via Massacre Records. Also in addition the album’s release will be revealed soon the new female singer afte the split with the singer Natalie Pereira dos Santos.

Jan Yrlund (Darkgrove Design), who has previously worked with bands such as Apocalyptica, Manowar, and Legion of The Damned, is responsible for the artwork. Check out the art below, and the album’s track listing is:

  1. Faceless
  2. Forlorn
  3. Inner Silence
  4. In My Hands (stream the song right here)
  5. Swallow
  6. Satin And Silk
  7. Mirror Soul
  8. Too Late
  9. Beyond The Dark
  10. Demoralized

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Dec 31, 2012

INTERVIEW: Letizia Chiozzi – Synful Ira

Interview by Ary R

Young and talented, the Italian band Synful Ira is proud and ready to introduce itself to the European metalheads with their first full length album, “Between Hope and Fear”. After having signed a deal with the label logic(il)logic Records, this sturdy young sextet is ready to enter the International music biz, spreading their own symphonic-gothic metal sound. For the occasion, the lead singer Letizia addressed herself to our crew and she talked about the creation of the project and much more about the band and the record itself.

Today Femme Metal puts the lead singer of Synful Ira up. Welcome to our website Letizia and thanks for your precious time and to allow us this interview!

Thank you! It’s really nice to answer your questions and to introduce myself to all the readers!

Let’s break the ice starting our chat talking about your band, Synful Ira. It’s an Italian gothic rock/metal band and of course you are the lead singer. Would you like to introduce the band and to tell us how did this project come to life?

I would like to introduce you all the members of Synful Ira:

Bass – my brother Emanuele Chiozzi

Guitar – Laura Balducci

Drums- Marco Renzi

Keyboards- Filippo Mantignano

Guitar- Fabio Balducci, project leader.

After several years playing “covers” we finally made something by ourselves. Fabio put into music the main phases of his life, his emotions, feelings, memories and he created the main character of our album “Between Hope and Fear” by taking out all the emotions people experience during their lives.

The band was born mainly as a Nightwish/Evanescence cover/tribute band. How did this choice of imprinting your sound on the wake on these famous bands in a first moment rather than some others?

At the beginning Laura proposed to form a Nightwish and Lacuna Coil cover band and meanwhile Fabio was trying to form an Evanescence cover band; when they told each other about their same ideas to form a gothic-metal cover band, they decided to combine them. This was the germinal try to set their dreams up.

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Dec 31, 2012

INTERVIEW: Virginie Goncalves – Kells

Interview by Ary R.

They rocked Europe last year with Leaves’Eyes and Tarja Turunen, and with Epica and ReVamp the former year as well. Now they’re back on the music scene with the upcoming album, “Anachromie”, that will reveal some other music features of the French rock band Kells. Just read with us what the front-woman Virginie Goncalves told to us!
Hi Virginie. Welcome to Femme Metal. How are you doing? Recently, you’ve released the new Kells album, “Anachromie”. How are the feedbacks from your fans going?

I’m fine, thanks! “Anachromie” has been out for a month now, and it seems that both the press and the fans have praised this record. We are very happy about that because somehow we had chosen to take artistic risks, not to repeat ourselves and to renew our image, and people liked it!

I’ve been surprised about the title you’ve chosen for the album, as I’ve been amazed by the artwork as well. Would you like to talk about them? Who has created the cover and how was the choice for the name of the album born?

In this album, everything in the lyrics is written in a disjointed way, the space-time notion is broken, the reality mixes up with the dream, as in the surrealist genre… Globally, the lyrics are anachronistic. Also, I use many adjectives of color (ochre, silver, gold, amaranth, blue, white, black, saffron, amber, sapphire, sandy…), which gives the lyrics a very pictorial aspect. It is the mixture of these 2 concepts, the chromia and the anachronism, that gave birth to “Anachromie”. The cover artwork has been made by Blackthorns Design. We appreciated what he had made for other bands, this mixture of surrealism and modernity, that’s why we decided to work with him. The frontcover and the booklet are an illustration of the lyrics… the girl with her bridal veil, with all her dreams, the tortured childhood, the nightmares and the anachronism always there, with the hours of the clock, the tracklist in disorder … as in the surrealist universe, where nothing has any reasonable landmarks or points of reference.

The recording and the creation of the album have been quite challenging. How long did it take to put down all the material, to record it and to mix it properly?

We recorded this album in November 2011, more than a year ago already! We went to Mon Studio in Nancy, to work with Yann (MyPollux). We began with the recording of the drums, then the basses, the guitars, the strings, the choir, keyboards, electro music, to finally end up with the vocals, at the end of November. So it took almost one month, because we prefer taking time! Yann then attacked the mixing in December, and we eventually sent it all in New York to the Sterling Sound Studio for Ted Jensen to master it in february 2011.

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