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Apr 21, 2015
Comments Off on The Lust – “One Life Ago” & “Decomposition Deluxe” (2010/11)

The Lust – “One Life Ago” & “Decomposition Deluxe” (2010/11)

Label: Wordlessness Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Russia, The Lust plays Gothic Rock/Metal with a definite electronic/industrial edge. They formed in 2004 and that is the same year they released their debut album “Tangled”. Since then they have continued to release albums at a productive pace and their newest album “Decomposition Deluxe” is also their fifth, so they have been busy since their formation but one year before the band has released  “One Life Ago” that is a compilation album made up primarily of rare tracks and alternate versions of some of their older songs.

The first six songs on “One Life Ago” are made up of unreleased tracks. The self-titled song starts things and right away I notice that their earlier stuff has more of an electronic/industrial edge to it. Continue reading »

Aug 27, 2013

Grace Solero – “New Moon” (2010)

Label: Wohone Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Grace Solero is a talented singer and in 2010 has released her debut album, “New Moon”. Musically her style falls somewhere between classic hard rock and alternative. I was really surprised when I heard this since it is not at all what I am used to reviewing, but once the initial shock wore off I found myself head bobbing and thinking, “hey, this is pretty cool.”

“Apartheid” is the strong opener and is followed by “I Don’t”. Vocally, Grace’s style falls in the similar to Alanis Morissette category with a touch of Anouk thrown in there as well and musically the songs have that same kind of vibe. “Troops” is a laid back rocker with a trippy atmospheric style. The album veers off in different directions but still maintains a hard rocking base on songs such as, “Diary”, “Star” and “If U Feel”. Continue reading »

Apr 25, 2013

G∀LMET- “HELLMET” (2010)

Independent Release

Review by Davide Torresan

It’s hard to do a little biography of this band. The main fault is their country of origin: Japan. You can understand it from the artwork of the album, “Hellmet”, which I’m going to review. It has some colored drawings since there are some funny skulls. G∀LMET is a girl metal band, and I have to say that from the few pics and videos on internet they look like some characters of the anime “Nana”. Unfortunately I do not know Japanese, but I wish to describe to you the feelings that this debut album caused to me. From the members’ pretty faces I was expecting a sort of symphonic metal band, like there are so many in Japan (and that often try to imitate the European groups). Instead, once you have pressed the “play” button, after a short piano intro, the very first song makes its appearance: “Treason Sky”. It has a overwhelming start with guitars and drums in the perfect death metal style. Continue reading »

Feb 2, 2013

Korrigan – “Thy Art, Lament” (2010)

Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

Greek combo Korrigan released in 2010 their first full-length, after a demo and a promo EP. The kind of music that they deliver us is a very melodic death metal with a lot of atmosphere. All of the nine songs are very well written, maybe there is not one that really stands out, but the quality is really high.

Main influences come from the past: their Greek companions Septic Flesh, but also Amorphis, Tiamat and gothic masters Tristania. Listen for example to “Suicidal Urges”, the heavy riffs are graced by keyboards and beautiful female vocals provided by Zoe. Another important element in Korrigan‘s music is the violin, which makes everything more elegant as you can see in “As Sanity Fades”, while in “Hopeless Times” there are some black-metal blast beats! “Endowed by the Ruins” is the longest track on the album and has a quite progressive feeling: from calm moments to faster and heavier ones. Continue reading »

Jan 21, 2013

Voiceless Void – “Song of Black Roses”(2010)

Label: Mazzar Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

Voiceless Void come from Russia and “Song of Black Roses” is their fourth full-length. They offer to the audience a gothic-doom metal played in a rather classic way. Plenty of growling vocals, female vocals, guitars tuned down and lots of keyboards and synth. The opener “Be My Faith” is completely sung by male vocalist and I have to say that I don’t like them at all. Way too raw for my ears and they lack violence and despair. The title track follows and we get to hear Olga, the female vocalist. She’s got a pleasant dark half-operatic voice that is well suited to contrast Roman, the guitar player and growler. Something different is “Queen of The Lakes” which has an acoustic intro and some nice melodic parts mostly supported by synth and guitars. Listening through the album I have to make a great effort to find something really original, honestly the album is well produced, nicely played but something is missing. That idea that makes you say: “this is actually very good!”. It stays an average gothic metal album that lovers of this genre may enjoy but not the others. Continue reading »

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