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Mar 2, 2014

Leaves – “This is the Time” EP (2013)

Label: WormHoleDeath

Review by Tony Cannella

LeavesThisIsTheTimeEPCOverWhen last we heard from the Spanish band Leaves they were issuing their debut full length back in 2010. Now, after a few years of silence, the band returns with a 6-song EP entitled, “This is the Time”.

The opening track “Insane Heart” begins with a powerful groove-laden riff as the song transforms into a dreamy sort of vibe. This is my favorite track. Musically, the band is still influenced by Anneke era The Gathering – not that it’s a bad thing. Vocalist Rachel has a solid voice that is sure to remind people of Anneke van Giersbergen. Continuing on, we have the second track, “Now Is The Time”. This song starts with a slower tempo, before quickly speeding up and becoming heavier. Other highlights include: “Salvation” and “The End”Continue reading »

Nov 22, 2013

Via Obscura – “Gedanken” (2012)

Label: Woodhouse Records/Feuerbaum Records

Review by Tony Cannella

For anyone who still hangs on to the notion that metal is a limiting art form than I would direct them to the female fronted German trio Via Obscura and their new album “Gedanken”. Make no mistake about it, this is not uplifting head banging metal, instead Via Obscura are little bit more on the dark and melancholic side.

The songs on “Gedanken” are ethereal, eclectic and emotional. The band fuses heavy doom-metal like riffs with the wispy melancholic vocals of Anne S. Thinius to create an alternative blend of some unique metal music. The tempo is slower paced for the most part and the vibe is foreboding from the very beginning of the opening track “Moment”. The eerie sounding organ intros the next track “Dreck” as some monstrously heavy riffs joins in. Continue reading »

Oct 18, 2013

Phavian – “Meridian I” (2011)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

The Los Angeles, California based Avant-Garde Progressive metal band Phavian released their debut in 2009, followed by the previously reviewed “Foreword” EP in 2011, now these musical wizards return with their sophomore full-length album “Meridian I”. For a prog release the album last only 37-minutes and features 6-songs. I liked the previous EP, maybe a tad more than this one, but “Meridian I” displays some serious musicality and shouldn’t be dismissed.

The band is only too eager to show off their musical chops like in the heavy, pounding instrumental opener “Slate”. Phavian also plays with various tempos as the next track “Cobalt and Crimson” demonstrates with its slow, heavy and dreamy pacing, and also the introduction the clean vocals of Elizabeth Matson. Continue reading »

May 18, 2013

Maxine Petrucci – “Back to the Garden” (2013)

Label : Angelina Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Some fans may remember Maxine Petrucci from the early 80’s metal band Madame X. They had a minor hit on MTV with the anthem “High in High School”. Some may also know of her due to her sister, Vixen drummer Roxy Petrucci. She also has a bit of a solo career going and has just released her third album “Back to the Garden”. This is a heavy, eclectic and unique mish-mash of metal styles, and to say the least it is also a high energy, guitar driven affair.

“Back to the Garden” may be a polarizing album. Fans are either going to love it or maybe not so much. One of the divisive things about it is bound to be Maxine Petrucci’s vocals. Continue reading »

Dec 1, 2012

Norhod – “Arianrhod” EP (2012)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Italy (a metal band from Italy? What a surprise) comes the conceptual symphonic death metal band Norhod. The band was born in the summer of 2009 with original members: Michele Tolomei (keyboards), Giacomo Casa (growls), Giacomo Vanucci (guitars) and Andrea Stefani (guitars). After solidifying their line-up with a few new members including female vocalist Clara Ceccarelli, Norhod has released their independently released EP “Arianrhod”. “Arianrhod” is a concept EP based on the Homonymous Celtic goddess, but at its core the story is about the age old struggle between good and evil. Norhod utilizes beauty and the beast style vocals with Clara’s clean, soaring vocals contrasting with Giacoma Casa’s growls. The music performed by Norhod does lend itself very well for storytelling – as it does create a special atmosphere throughout the 22-minutes worth of playing time. The intro “Caer Arianrhod” sets the stage for the bombastic opener “Doomed to Ashes”. The two vocal styles are split pretty evenly. For the most part, “Arianrhod” combines melancholic metal with folk metal influences and tempo changes; “Last Sundown” is a pretty solid indicator of what is good about the album. The album is completed with the pounding title song “Arianrhod”. I can already tell that the vocals will be an acquired taste for many – they will either be loved or hated – especially Clara’s high-pitched vocal delivery. The growler Giacoma Casa will definitely appeal to the death metal side of the metal spectrum. Norhod are far from being a mainstream band. The songs on “Arianrhod” are definitely going to appeal to a select audience, but fans who like a little bit of melancholy with their metal, should like what they find from this Italian band.

Rating – 73/100



  1. Caer Arianrhod
  2. Doomed to Oblivion
  3. Lily’s Ashes
  4. Last Sundown
  5. Arianrhod


Line Up

  • Clara Ceccarelli – Vocals
  • Giacomo Casa – Growls
  • Giacomo Vanucci – Guitars
  • Andrea Stefani – Guitars
  • Michele Tolomei – Keyboards
  • Matteo Giusti – Bass
  • Francesco Aytano – Drums



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