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Nov 25, 2014
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CineMuerte – “DHIST” EP (2014)

Label: Raging Planet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Portuguese atmospheric rock/metal band CineMuerte released their last full-length “Wild Grown” in 2011, prior to that they released “Aurora Core” in 2008, I guess they release new material every three years or so. If they can keep coming up with quality songs like this than every three years is okay with me because this is good stuff.

“DHIST” features 5-songs and almost 30-minutes worth of high quality material with a dark, slightly progressive goth vibe, with modern rock elements as well. “Dog” gets things off to a trippy start and is followed by the alternative flavor of “Heaven’s Not Too Far”. The final song “The Park” is my favorite and a great way to end things. In between we have quality songs like “I’m Too Much Here Without You” and “Shinning Shadows in the Sand”. Continue reading »

Nov 25, 2014
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Cadaveria – “Silence” (2014)

Label: Scarlet Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The Italian queen of horror metal Cadaveria returns with her 5th album “Silence” and silent is one thing she is not. Beginning with “Velo (The Other Side of Hate)”, “Silence” is off to a wicked start.

Cadaveria is back with her mixture of extreme and clean singing as she alternates between the two. Musically, the band continues with its mix of Black Metal and Gothic Metal to create a dark piece of theater. Overall, “Silence” is a very strong record and songs like “Carnival of Doom”, “Free Spirit” and “Existence” are huge highlights. My favorite track however is the brutal “Out Loud”.

With “Silence”, Cadaveria have released a whirlwind of an album which incorporates different styles but is always mindful to create a dark and sinister vibe. Continue reading »

Nov 13, 2014
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KONTRUST – “Explositive” (2014)

Label: Napalm Records

Review by Tony Cannella

A couple of words I would use to describe the Austrian band Kontrust are: quirky, unique and… fun. OK, that’s more than a couple of words but really there are probably a lot more adjectives you could find to describe this band. I’m not even sure how you would categorize them, alternative rock/metal? Dance rock? Reggae metal? Electronica? Polka metal? It certainly is an eclectic mix that Kontrust delivers on their new album, “Explositive” and it is definitely way different than what we would normally hear from Napalm Records.

Songs like “Dance”, “Why”, “I Freak On”, “Bulldozer” and “Play!” highlights Kontrust’s unique, fearless attitude. The band has a male and female singer with totally different styles. Continue reading »

Nov 4, 2014
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End of the Dream – “End of the Dream” EP (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

End of the Dream is a female fronted metal band from the Netherlands that was formed in 2010. They have recently issued their debut 6-song self-titled EP. Let’s have a listen, shall we?

First off, for an EP this is pretty long. Clocking in at 33-minutes, EOTD presents a longer than your average EP, not that I’m complaining. “Colder” opens things and is a pretty cool way to kick things off. The riffs are sharp and the song is dramatic with a solid groove to it. The next track “Follow the Angels” begins with a slower tempo before a choir kicks in and then the heavy guitar riffs. I would describe the band as a cross between Within Temptation and Evanescence. Lead vocalist Micky certainly has a pretty cool and expressive voice. Continue reading »

Nov 3, 2014
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Witch Mountain – “Mobile of Angels” (2014)

Label: Svart Records/Profound Lore Records

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

“Mobile of Angels” seems to follow a recent, much welcomed trend, where artist favour shorter tracklists but deliver longer, richer tracks. The music gives off strong doom vibes and voice and sound are well-mixed even though they are both really heavy. There is no feeling of “too much” as it unfortunately often happens when bands choose this path. Uta Plotkin’s voice is one of the highlights of an already inspired album and her presence will surely be missed.

The opening track, “Psycho Animundi”, sets a good tone with its progressions from calm moments to, literally, sound explosions. Another great display of Witch Mountain’s skills is “Your Corrupt Ways”, which alternates ominous choirs to blues and almost rock’n’roll-like passages, without shying away from pensive, emotional bits. Continue reading »

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