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Sep 3, 2014
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Christina Vantzou – No2 (2014)

Label: Kranky

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Christina Vantzou is a composer, artist and video-maker from Brussels, Belgium. “No2” is her second album in collaboration with the Magik*Magik Orchestra and her music is described as “minimal ambient post-classical”. She composes all her music and, perhaps thanks to her background in visual arts, the result is a stunning, evocative work. The song titles are the only elements the listener has to infer any kind of meaning. This creates a sense of mystery and gives the listener an active role in interpreting the music. The ensemble of musicians has also been extended with the addition of bassoon and oboe, a much welcomed addition. It’s an album than delivers whether you listen passively, as is usually the case with atmospheric music, or attentively. Each song has its own identity and, under the surface, has a variety of emotions to convey. Continue reading »

Jan 23, 2014

Kiara Laetitia


Interview by Miriam C.

It’s time for the Italian artist Kiara Laetitia, mainly know as the former vocalist of the symphonic power metallers Skylark, to write another chapter of her artistic life. With her debut EP “Fight Now” she inaugurates a  brand new start that can only be shining for her future. Discover with us what Virgin Steele‘s mainman Mr.De Feis has helped in this rebirth!
Hi Kiara, first of all how are you?? I’m really honoured to speak with you!

Hi Miriam! I’m great thanks! And thanks for this interview, pleasure it’s mine!

Let’s start, so recently, after being for 8 years the lead vocalist of the Italian power/symphonic metal band Skylark, you have decided to go solo and release the EP “Fight Now”. What you can say about its genesis? When you have started to compose the lyrics for this release?

Well, I’ve always had the idea of a solo project, a parallel project to Skylark, but then I had so much going on with the band that I never found the time to sit down and write some material. Continue reading »

Mar 9, 2013

Cecilia Bjärgö – Arcana

Interview by Miriam Cadoni

I must thank a dear friend of mind that some years ago introduced me to this particular musical genre [ the neoclassical/ambient genre] and consequently make me adore some of its important acts such Dark Sancuary, Dead Can Dance, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas & Dargaard. Today I’ve the pleasure to speak about Sweden’s Arcana, that along the mentioned bands, represents one of the  most expert ensamble since their long career (their first release is to date is in 1996). In particular, I’ve contacted Cecilia Bjärgö, one of the singers and Peter‘s wife [the mastermind behind Arcana], for an interesting interview about their latest album “As Bright as a Thousand Suns” and some updates.
Dear Cecilia, first of all thanks so much for this interview! I hope that everything is ok with your personal life and work…

Hi Miriam=) I am fine, thank you. I am in the middle of changing apartment though, and that takes its time. Dust everywhere, cardboard boxes everywhere, stuff everywhere… and I am having such a hard time throwing away things;) Continue reading »

Jan 28, 2013

Phildel – EP (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Luisa Mercier

Phildel is one of those rare artists in whom musical talent is complemented by an imagery of equal beauty. I stumbled upon her by mere chance through Facebook, and loved her since the first listen to “Storm Song” and after watching the captivating, dreamy and classy video that matches the song.

The pastel colours, the evocative, highly symbolic images are expression of a beautiful mind.
The song, at the beginning, reminded me of Enya and goes on, soft and haunting, but catchy and elegant at the same time. Her vocals are thin, airy, perfect in this context. Also the lyrics are very poetic, so can you ask for more? Go, run on YouTube and love it. In this EP there are two more songs, each accompanied by a video. I have guessed that actually all three videos might be connected to each other in some way, also thanks to what seems to me the same location: the sea, the field with red poppies, the mask. All is very meaningful and striking, you can see that she really thought about it. Continue reading »

Jan 25, 2013

Leslie Hunt – District 97

Interview by Alessandra Cognetta

Leslie Hunt is the lead singer of District 97, a prog band from Chicago that is (not so) slowly conquering the American music scene and establishing its own name at home and abroad. Their work is a surprisingly fresh combination of different styles and musical experiences, with two full-length albums released and an ever-growing touring activity. If you want to know more about District 97 (and believe me, you want to), this is the right place to start! 

Hello and welcome to Femme Metal, Leslie! We’re really glad to have you here with us. District 97 has just finished their US tour, how would you describe this experience, now that it’s over?

I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Each show was a success in its own right, and I absolutely love performing this music. I also love our fans! They are some of the most genuine and appreciative people I have ever met, and I am so honored to be on the receiving end of their loyalty. It was definitely a challenge to play eight nights in a row, especially since my performance style is getting more and more theatrical as our sound evolves, but as soon as we would play the first note, I was able to transport myself to the headspace required to experience the song as if it were my first time.

District 97 has never been featured on our Webzine before, could you introduce the band and its members to our readers?

Sure! I’m Leslie, and I sing, dance and play tambourine sometimes. Jonathan Schang is the drummer, primary composer, bandleader, AND he manages everything that happens behind the scenes, so we all give him serious props. Jim Tashjian plays lead guitar and sings backgrounds. Rob Clearfield plays keyboards and additional guitar. Patrick Mulcahy plays bass. Continue reading »

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