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Aug 26, 2014
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Deadlock – “The Re-Arrival” COMPILATION (2014)

Label: Lifeforce Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Ladies and gentlemen, Deadlock has re-arrived! On their latest output, “The Re-Arrival”, the German melodic death/thrash metal band Deadlock brings the listener a melding of the old and the new – and here’s the kicker – it all sounds fresh and vital in today’s metal landscape.

With “The Re-Arrival” Deadlock present us with 15-songs and over an hour’s worth of material, some re-recorded versions of older favorites and three brand new songs. The first new song is the opening track. “An Ocean’s Monument” which happens to be a ferocious opener – this song gets the listener pumped right away. The band is fronted by the clean female vocalist Sabine Scherer and screamer extraordinaire John Gahlert. The two of them make an awesome combination. Continue reading »

Oct 21, 2013

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – “Tales of Winter: Selections From TSO Rock Operas” COMPILATION (2013)

Label: Lava/Universal Republic

Review by Tony Cannella

As the holiday season approaches, Trans-Siberian Orchestra gets ready to embark on their annual Christmas tour/extravaganza. In conjunction with the bands holiday dates they have released a compilation album from all of the bands rock operas.

The cool thing about TSO has always been their wide-ranging appeal, from kids to parents to grandparents and of course metal fans. With “Tales of Winter” all six of their releases are represented in one neat 74-minute package. The band has included a long list of musicians/writers from founder Paul O’Neill, Jon Oliva, Al Pitrelli and Chris Caffrey among others. They have also utilized numerous female singers throughout the years on their albums and tours since their inception in 1993. Continue reading »

Aug 21, 2013

Tuomas Seppälä & Capri – Amberian Dawn

Interview by Laura Medina

Amberian Dawn, a symphonic metal band from Finland, announced via their official website that they were parting ways with their longtime female vocalist, Heidi Parviainen, in early 2012 soon after their magnifying, superior and outstanding performance at the Metal Female Voices Festival (MFVF) X in Wieze, Belgium. Flash forward to December 2012, it was announced via their official website that the band would release a compilation album consisting of songs from their four previous albums that would be re-recorded featuring their new Finnish female vocalist, Capri!
With the release of “Re-Evolution”, their new female vocalist Capri poured out her own mix of classical and rock styles as well as raw emotions into those Amberian Dawn songs. Continue reading »
Mar 9, 2013

Cecilia Bjärgö – Arcana

Interview by Miriam Cadoni

I must thank a dear friend of mind that some years ago introduced me to this particular musical genre [ the neoclassical/ambient genre] and consequently make me adore some of its important acts such Dark Sancuary, Dead Can Dance, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas & Dargaard. Today I’ve the pleasure to speak about Sweden’s Arcana, that along the mentioned bands, represents one of the  most expert ensamble since their long career (their first release is to date is in 1996). In particular, I’ve contacted Cecilia Bjärgö, one of the singers and Peter‘s wife [the mastermind behind Arcana], for an interesting interview about their latest album “As Bright as a Thousand Suns” and some updates.
Dear Cecilia, first of all thanks so much for this interview! I hope that everything is ok with your personal life and work…

Hi Miriam=) I am fine, thank you. I am in the middle of changing apartment though, and that takes its time. Dust everywhere, cardboard boxes everywhere, stuff everywhere… and I am having such a hard time throwing away things;) Continue reading »

Jan 18, 2013

Coronatus – “Best of 2007-2011” COMPILATION (2012)

Label : Massacre Records

Review by Tony Cannella

The excellent double female fronted Symphonic Metal band Coronatus has previously released four full length albums – with their first one being released in 2007. Now they have released a digital only best of album titled, “Best of 2007-2011”. Featuring 16-songs and over an hour’s worth of music, “Best Of…” serves as a comprehensive overview of Coronatus’ career thus far.

The track-listing on “Best Of 2007-2011” features a fair cross section of the bands best material taken from each of their albums. The songs are in reverse chronological order beginning with four songs from Coronatus’ latest album “Terra Incognita” which was released in 2011. The two female singers each brings something interesting and unique to the table. The current duo consists of Mareike Makosch who provides more of a rock style and Ada Flechtner who gives us a soprano voice. The melding of the two different styles is one of the best things about Coronatus and gives the songs a huge boost. The bands lyrics are sung in German and English with a touch of Latin as well. The musicianship is also played on a high level and is a perfect complement to the two vocalists and another check in the plus column for Coronatus.

For fans who already own everything that Coronatus has put out, this may not be of much interest, but anyone who would like to sample what this great band has done so far, than “Best of 2007-2011″ is well worth the time. Continue reading »

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