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Feb 26, 2014

Grace Solero – “Hundred Years Apart” (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

GraceSoleroHundredYearsApartCoverFollowing up her impressive debut album “New Moon”, the UK songstress Grace Solero returns with an equally impressive sophomore outing, “Hundred Years Apart”. The band has certainly grown and progressed and the songs on “Hundred Years Apart” are better rounded and sounds like a hungrier animal.

Grace Solero continues to walk the line between alternative, metal, electronic sounds and catchier, accessible hard rock. The songs do have a bit on an edge to them. “St. Ives” is a great example of a song that could get Grace Solero some mainstream attention as well as the haunting track “Once Again”. On the other hand there are songs like “Riptide” and “Electro” that should please fans of the heavier stuff. Continue reading »

Feb 1, 2014

Against Me! – “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” (2014)

Label: Total Treble Music

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

The American punk rock band Against Me! is back with a new album. After their “White Crosses” (2010), the band went through a tour cancellation, a change in their line-up, the creation of their own label and, in 2012, Laura Jane Grace‘s coming out as a transgender woman.  “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” follows, musically, the path forged by their previous works, especially the earlier ones. It is, nevertheless, a chance for discovery and (self) introspection unlike anything I have ever listened to.

Most of the songs deal, obviously, with gender dysphoria, but this is not an autobiographic album. It is the vocal and lyrical expression of someone’s feelings, and a very powerful (and rough, at times) expression at that. Continue reading »

Aug 27, 2013

Grace Solero – “New Moon” (2010)

Label: Wohone Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Grace Solero is a talented singer and in 2010 has released her debut album, “New Moon”. Musically her style falls somewhere between classic hard rock and alternative. I was really surprised when I heard this since it is not at all what I am used to reviewing, but once the initial shock wore off I found myself head bobbing and thinking, “hey, this is pretty cool.”

“Apartheid” is the strong opener and is followed by “I Don’t”. Vocally, Grace’s style falls in the similar to Alanis Morissette category with a touch of Anouk thrown in there as well and musically the songs have that same kind of vibe. “Troops” is a laid back rocker with a trippy atmospheric style. The album veers off in different directions but still maintains a hard rocking base on songs such as, “Diary”, “Star” and “If U Feel”. Continue reading »

Jun 12, 2013

Anneke Van Giersbergen

Interview by Grace Méridian, Kassandra Novell & Lindsay Schoolcraft

Video by Mary Zimmer

Here what we present you is a special interview done by the Eve’s Apple (Don’t you know what is? Just take a peek here!) members Grace Méridan (Lifeaftergod), Kassandra NovellLindsay Schoolcraft & Mary Zimmer (Luna Mortis). First of all I thank the girls for this awesome interview and if you wanna enjoy the video experience, please check out here but we must warn we that there’s a little mistake that we cannot fix, we hope you like it the same.
Then we come to the special guest – we’re talking about Anneke Van Giersbergen. The fantastic Dutch singer, after her departure from The Gathering, has slowly built a solo career with her 5 albums. The girls interviewed Anneke during her short trip in US, on March in Chicago. Beside the girls, I want to personally thank Mr.Rob Snijders for helping us setting this interview up. Well, after this short intro it’s time to read the interview, so enjoy it!

Grace: I’m Grace Meridan and we’re here interview Anneke van Giersbergen for Femme Metal and Eve’s Apple. So, Hi Anneke, pleased to meet you. Continue reading »

Dec 29, 2012

INTERVIEW: Alana Grace – This Is She

Interview by Ary R.

Some of you know this band thanks to Ryan Folden’s work, After Midnight, some other got in touch with these guys on the occasion of the Dark Adrenaline tour by Italian act Lacuna Coil. Who are we talking about? The answer is here: American band THIS IS SHE, that in this 2012 enter the music scene with a well-respected EP, “Nobody Is Ok”. As soon as the tour came to an end, I had the pleasure to exchange some chats with the sweet Alana Grace, that revealed something about this European tour and about the new goals of the band. This week Femme Metal hosts an interview with This Is She and we have the pleasure to talk with the singer Alana Grace.
Hi Alana, welcome on our website. How are you doing?

I’m doing great! I’m happy to be back from tour and relax into the holiday season. It’s my favorite time of the year, and I’ll get to see my family soon so it’s a good time.

This Is She is an American music reality that slowly tries to introduce itself in Europe in the proper way. Would you like to share something about the band biography or about your musical careeer?

I met Christian and Ryan back in 2009 when I toured with the Vans Warped Tour. They were out with their band After Midnight Project at the time, and we all bonded together throughout the summer. Both bands had their ups and downs and in 2011 I think we were all ready to try something new for a change. I had an idea for an electronic rock band, and I was looking for players right as After Midnight Project decided to take a hiatus. So we hopped in the studio together and wrote for a few months before starting to play live. Finally we released our first EP in July of this year and have been trying to promote it ever since.

You’ve ended up the European tour recently, This is She was chosen as the support act for the Italian band Lacuna Coil. How would you describe this experience?

It was an incredible experience for us to go on tour with Lacuna Coil. They are so good live it was a little intimidating at first, but they were very nice to us and we became easy friends. I would say the crowds were awesome for us. They have a really dedicated fanbase who generally had checked us out before coming to the shows. It was so much fun to see some people were already familiar with our songs, and it really made us feel at home with their fans.

Continue reading »

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