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Mar 14, 2015
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Tania Duarte, Marcos Coifman & Julio Almeida – Reino Ermitaño


Interview by Michelle Henriquez

Reino Ermitaño is a doom metal band that originates in Lima, Peru. They were formed in 2001 by founding members Marcos Coifman on bass, Tania Duarte on vocals, Julio Almeida on drums and later they’ve introduced Eloy Arturo on guitars. They incorporate social issues, spirituality and introspection in their lyrics, which adds an extra layer of depth to the dark melancholic sound of the band.
Welcome to Femme Metal Webzine, it’s a great pleasure to have you with us here. First of all, I want to congratulate you on your latest release “Conjuros De Poder”.

Tania: Thank you very much. We are pleased with the results of the new album.

For many of the metal fans that don’t know Reino Ermitaño, do you mind introducing yourself and telling us more about the band’s history?

Tania: Reino Ermitaño plays witch doom since year 2000. We have released five records (two in vinyl) so far, and played many gigs in Lima and different cities of Peru, two tours in Europe in festivals like Doom Shall Rise 2009, Malta Doom 2014, Doom Over Vienna 2014 and Hammer of Doom 2014. Continue reading »

Mar 4, 2015
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Doro – “Raise Your Fist” – 30 Years Anniversary Edition (2014)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Review by Tony Cannella

The latest studio album from the reigning metal queen Doro Pesch “Raise Your Fist” was released back in 2012. Time flies… It seems like it was only yesterday when this excellent album was unleashed on the world. To celebrate her 30th anniversary, the album has been re-released with a special bonus CD entitled “Powerful Passionate Favorites” which features rare covers, alternate version of songs and assorted other goodies.

Since the original “Raise Your Fist” album was released in 2012, there is probably no need to go into it at this point. Suffice it to say, it’s still pretty damn good, so fans old and new should check it out if you haven’t done so already. The bonus CD on this one “Powerful Passionate Favorites” is a pretty cool collection in its own right. Continue reading »

Mar 2, 2015
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Death Penalty – “Death Penalty” (2014)

Label: Rise Above Records

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

Death Penalty was founded in late 2013 by Gaz Jennings, after the split of Cathedral. Death Penalty released an EP, “Sign of Times” in 2014 and a self- titled album later that year. “Death Penalty” is a mix of doom and heavy metal, of Gaz Jenning’s riffs and Michelle Nocon’s sharp, energetic voice, offering a fresh take on both genres.

There is good balance in the album, but Death Penalty also knows how to showcase a guitar solo or a particularly daring vocal line with well-timed transitions. There is great coordination among the instruments, for example in “Eyes of the Heretic”, to achieve a classic sound that could have otherwise easily felt empty. While the album kicks off in medias res, it also takes time to focus on groovier, darker tunes, such as in “Golden Tides”, one of Michelle’s best performances. Continue reading »

Feb 18, 2015
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Battle Beast – “Unholy Savior” (2015)

Label: Nuclear Blast

Review by CriX

The Finnish band Battle Beast is back with a brand new album called “Unholy Savior” and if the previous albums (“Steel” and “Battle Beast”) helped them forge their path into the metal panorama and get appreciated by the heavy metal audience, this latest release will only confirm that Battle Beast is, nowadays, one of the best bands on the scene.

But without further ado, let’s start with the opener “Lionheart”, which is a powerful song in where you can listen to the guitar and the keyboards alternate with a steady pace. It’s a triumphant beginning that introduces us to the self-titled song and follows with “I Want the World… and Everything In It”, where some killer solos take over during the whole song. Continue reading »

Feb 16, 2015
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Merkabah – “Ubiquity” (2014)

Label: Metal Maple Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Hailing from Quebec, Canada, the melodic metal band Merkabah was formed in 2002. The band released their debut EP “Elliptic Thoughts” that same year and followed that up with their debut full-length “Shadows Never Forget” in 2005. In 2007 they released their sophomore effort “The Realm of All Secrets” before going silent for a number of years. Finally the band returns with their 3rd full-length album entitled “Ubiquity”.

The power house opener “Mythomania” gets us off to a fantastically dramatic start. The usage of keyboards gives the song a progressive metal vibe. From there comes the galloping Maiden-esq “Divine Sparks”. “Red Letter Days” is a great mid-tempo number. Lead vocalist Jacinthe Poulin certain has a powerful voice which fits in nicely with the music. Continue reading »

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