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Jun 29, 2015
Comments Off on Ethernity – “Obscure Illusions” (2015)

Ethernity – “Obscure Illusions” (2015)

Independent Release

Review by Warren Mayocchi

“Obscure Illusions” is an album that has been incubating for a long time. Ethernity was formed by brothers Julien and Nicolas Spreutels and their cousin François Spreutels in the year 2000. Since then some of the songs on “Obscure Illusions” were released on demos produced in 2005, 2008 and 2010. So, even though this is a debut album, the band have been together and performing at gigs, music festivals, and supporting other bands for literally years. According to the band, they spent four years to find their lead vocalist in 2005 – Julie Colin. The final two members of the band are Thomas Henry who joined in the early days and Gregory Discensa who joined in 2007. It is obvious that Ethernity like to play powerful metal, and I can imagine them playing in front of large enthusiastic audiences. Perhaps it has been their live music fans that have kept them from the studio all these years. Continue reading »

May 27, 2015
Comments Off on End of Skyline – “EOS” EP (2015)

End of Skyline – “EOS” EP (2015)

Independent Release

Review by Mimi Robins

I really enjoyed this EP by Italy’s modern metal band End of Skyline – I played it on repeat while packing up my room and preparing for a move, to the extent that I’ve almost got them memorized. My first impression of the songs and the vocals in particular is that they’d be the perfect to sing along to in a car.

Though I wasn’t sure what to expect, I found “Protection” to be heavier than expected – it just hit me in the face. I was grinning immediately, and replayed the first track a few times because I enjoyed it so much. It’s been stuck in my head for ages. “Reproach” is still moderately heavy, and I love the guitar lines in it. The bridge is stuck in my head and I love it. “Alone” is a little more low-key, and there’s something about it that just makes me feel very still and quiet. Continue reading »

Apr 27, 2015
Comments Off on Second Empire – “Second Empire” EP (2013)

Second Empire – “Second Empire” EP (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

It’s good to see more and more symphonic metal coming from the U.S. lately. Pittsburgh’s Second Empire is one such band – and a good one at that. They have just issued their debut self-titled EP and after listening, I have to say that this band has a lot to offer.

The keyboard intro kicks off the opening tune “Everlasting” as the rumbling guitars join in. Lead vocalist Alex Lindsay Roth has a cool mid-range voice. This song really takes off in different directions with a strong orchestral part and a great solo. The next track, “Hold Me (‘Til We’re Both Dead)” gets started with a piano intro before the song steadily picks up the tempo. Still, this is a great mid-tempo song and one with an undeniably catchy melody and chorus. Continue reading »

Apr 14, 2015
Comments Off on Never Trust – “Morning Light” (2013)

Never Trust – “Morning Light” (2013)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

When it comes to female fronted metal, the awesome country of Italy has produced some of the best. To this point it’s been mostly symphonic, operatic, power metal (with a few exceptions). Well, the band Never Trust offers something a bit different to the mix. Their debut album, “Morning Light” has more of an edgy, punk-ish, alternative metal vibe.

The opening track “Fade Away”comes flying out the gate like a shot of adrenaline. For 11-songs and about 39-minutes, Never Trust maintains a consistent, straight-forward approach. The songs are aggressive yet still maintain a catchy, basic rock and roll vibe. “Worthless” is another powerful song. The third track, “Rebound” is a cool mid-tempo number which has a ready-for-radio vibe – and is therefore – one of the more accessible tracks we have here. Continue reading »

Apr 13, 2015
Comments Off on Selene – “Paradise Over” EP (2014)

Selene – “Paradise Over” EP (2014)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Selene is a symphonic metal band from Northern Ireland. The band was formed in March of 2013 by guitarist John Connor and vocalist Shonagh Lyons. Shortly after their inception Selene released their debut EP “Among the Frozen”, which was well received. After a few single releases, Selene returns with a new 6-song, 27-minute EP entitled “Paradise Over”.

Selene carries a big, dramatic symphonic metal style and the operatic vocals of Shonagh Lyons have earned them rave reviews and a comparison to Nightwish. The opening song, “Facing the Mirror” pretty much sets the table and will do nothing to dissuade those Nightwish comparisons. The next track, “Not Enough” starts out reminding me of early Queensryche a bit before settling into a nice mid-tempo groove as Shonagh joins in with her vocals. Continue reading »

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