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Mar 3, 2015
Comments Off on Le Butcherettes – Cry Is For The Flies (2014)

Le Butcherettes – Cry Is For The Flies (2014)

Label: Ipecac Recordings

Review by Alessandra Cognetta

“Cry Is For The Flies” is the second album of the Mexican duo Le Butcherettes. For those who are familiar with Le Butcherettes’ first album, “Sin Sin Sin” (2011), this is a worthy successor. New listeners may be surprised by the almost dissonant tunes of the first few minutes, but the unexpected vocal lines keep the opening more enticing than ever.

The energetic combination of rough guitar and bass sounds is a perfect base for Teri’s voice to shine through, like in “Demon Stuck In Your Eye”, where hard rock and punk come together in a defiant, exciting performance. A different groove can be found in “My Child”, a well-placed break after the ruthless energy of the first two tracks. Another example of how Le Butcherettes grew and evolved in the past few years is the bizarre “Boulders Love over Layers of Rock”, a clear display of the band’s versatility. Continue reading »

Apr 4, 2014
Comments Off on AkromA – “La Cene” (2014)

AkromA – “La Cene” (2014)

Label: Fantai’Zic

Review by Tony Cannella

For their 3rd album “Le Cene”, France’s AkromA has delivered what must have been a huge undertaking. The Black/death/gothic metal band have really outdone themselves and released a truly bombastic and ferocious conceptual piece of work. The title “Le Cene” means “The Last Supper” when translated to English and is a concept album based on the last supper. AkromA has done something unique by having a different singer on each of the twelve songs and the results are massive.

In addition to all of the different singers, female soprano Laura Kimpe is there to provide the icing on the cake. Continue reading »

May 11, 2013

Igorrr – “Hallelujah” (2012)

Label : Ad Noiseam

Review by Luisa Mercier

I stumbled over French Igorrr (aka Gautier Serre) by mere chance on the Facebook page of another musician and after thirty seconds of listening to the linked track, I was like: What the f***k is this? He is completely crazy, dear readers and categorizing his music is impossible. He mixes every musical genre known on this earth of ours even though the more apparent influences come from Baroque music, Black Metal and electronica (schizofrenic breakcore mainly). You may think that those are very distant genres, but this is not true if you listen to Igorrr. You’ll be listening to dramatic opera vocals one moment and growls and powerful guitars the one right after as in “Damaged Wig” for example (the final part is totally unbelievable).  Continue reading »

Dec 31, 2012

INTERVIEW: Virginie Goncalves – Kells

Interview by Ary R.

They rocked Europe last year with Leaves’Eyes and Tarja Turunen, and with Epica and ReVamp the former year as well. Now they’re back on the music scene with the upcoming album, “Anachromie”, that will reveal some other music features of the French rock band Kells. Just read with us what the front-woman Virginie Goncalves told to us!
Hi Virginie. Welcome to Femme Metal. How are you doing? Recently, you’ve released the new Kells album, “Anachromie”. How are the feedbacks from your fans going?

I’m fine, thanks! “Anachromie” has been out for a month now, and it seems that both the press and the fans have praised this record. We are very happy about that because somehow we had chosen to take artistic risks, not to repeat ourselves and to renew our image, and people liked it!

I’ve been surprised about the title you’ve chosen for the album, as I’ve been amazed by the artwork as well. Would you like to talk about them? Who has created the cover and how was the choice for the name of the album born?

In this album, everything in the lyrics is written in a disjointed way, the space-time notion is broken, the reality mixes up with the dream, as in the surrealist genre… Globally, the lyrics are anachronistic. Also, I use many adjectives of color (ochre, silver, gold, amaranth, blue, white, black, saffron, amber, sapphire, sandy…), which gives the lyrics a very pictorial aspect. It is the mixture of these 2 concepts, the chromia and the anachronism, that gave birth to “Anachromie”. The cover artwork has been made by Blackthorns Design. We appreciated what he had made for other bands, this mixture of surrealism and modernity, that’s why we decided to work with him. The frontcover and the booklet are an illustration of the lyrics… the girl with her bridal veil, with all her dreams, the tortured childhood, the nightmares and the anachronism always there, with the hours of the clock, the tracklist in disorder … as in the surrealist universe, where nothing has any reasonable landmarks or points of reference.

The recording and the creation of the album have been quite challenging. How long did it take to put down all the material, to record it and to mix it properly?

We recorded this album in November 2011, more than a year ago already! We went to Mon Studio in Nancy, to work with Yann (MyPollux). We began with the recording of the drums, then the basses, the guitars, the strings, the choir, keyboards, electro music, to finally end up with the vocals, at the end of November. So it took almost one month, because we prefer taking time! Yann then attacked the mixing in December, and we eventually sent it all in New York to the Sterling Sound Studio for Ted Jensen to master it in february 2011.

Continue reading »

Feb 13, 2012

Le Monnier – “Cynic Sister” (2009)

Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Sometimes it is a refreshing change of pace to hear a new, young band get back to basics and play just good, no frills hard rock. Such is the case with the U.K. based band Le Monnier. The band is fronted by the soulful vocals of Alexandra Le Monnier and with their debut “Cynic Sister”, the band deliver almost 1-hour’s worth of heavy power rock that features some seriously crunchy guitar riffs, catchy melodies and some cool musical moments and worthwhile ballads. The band’s sound is somewhat reminiscent of good hard rock bands from the past, while still sounding current and relevant in today’s musical climate. There is plenty of good music to sift through on “Cynic Sister” – beginning with the orchestral intro of the opener “Grey Symphonic”. Don’t get too relaxed however as this quickly gives way to the flat-out up-tempo rocker “Your Greed” and it really sets things in motion nicely. The following two songs show off the diversity of the band. “No Power” has a lot of power compressed in about 2 and-a-half-minutes and “Ballet” begins with a pretty piano opening but quickly evolves into ‘power ballad’ territory. My two personal favorites on “Cynic Sister” and what I believe to be the albums strongest moments come back-to-back with the 8-minute “Bad Dream” and “Underground”. These two songs are sure be crowd pleasers in Le Monnier‘s live shows. Another aspect of the band that I was really impressed with, was the live, energetic feel that each and every song displays – you can’t help but feel the energy and power emanating from the speakers. Other highlights include: “Black Dot” (the band has filmed a video for this track – a solid choice, in my opinion), the pretty ballad “My Heart” and the title song “Cynic Sister” that brings this CD to a close. Personally, I find Le Monnier to be an instantly like-able band and the music on “Cynic Sister” has the ability to make some huge headway in the Rock/Metal world. The songs are well written, beautifully constructed and very diverse and can reach out to different genres of music fans. If you like good Hard Rock music, with plenty of powerful musicianship, diverse songs and strong vocals than by all means give “Cynic Sister” by Le Monnier a listen – you won’t be disappointed.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Grey Symphonic
  2. Your Greed
  3. No Power
  4. Ballet
  5. Save Yourself
  6. Kingyo
  7. Drawing the Line
  8. Black Dot
  9. My Heart
  10. Anxiety
  11. Bad Dream
  12. Underground
  13. Pink Filter
  14. Cynic Sister


Line Up

  • Alexandra Le Monnier – Vocals & Bass
  • Matt Keil – Guitar & Piano
  • Terry Anderson – Drums



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