BREAK ME DOWN – new cover out

Italian metal act BREAK ME DOWN presents a great cover! This time around the band surprises us by covering Bjork’s “Army Of Me”.

BREAK ME DOWN – new cover online

Today, September 10th, 2021, Break Me Down is finally back in the spotlight with a cover of Army Of Me by the innovative and controversial Icelandic singer Björk.

Veronica, the protagonist of the video and singer of the band, explains the concept of the video:

Our version of Björk‘s Army Of Me was born from a visual project, starting from images suggested by the text that blossomed in an arrangement and one of our own. personal interpretation.

The words of the original song were written by the singer to encourage a family member who fell into depression by inviting him to regain control of his life: << stand up, you’ve got to manage >> – get up, you have to do it.

In the video, this state of immobility and inner suffering is represented by a cold, glacial desert, with a figure, reminiscent of Björk herself, who makes fun of my character with apathetic and at the same time irreverent attitudes.

The comparison is given by the continuous framing passages between me and this figure cloaked by the vague gaze, which alternates as in an infinite dialogue. To get out of this condition, you have to regain control, react at all costs. The reaction is represented by doubling, tripling, even quadrupling, taking on different forms to find the right foothold to react.

The different versions represent the fragility, insecurity, doubt and rejection that each of us can have within. The right push, motivation, comes when a golden version of myself prevails: the final cry has the same strength as a real army to end with a sigh and a newfound peace“.

Listen to the song on Spotify!

The band recently entered the studio to record pre-productions of its new work which will be released between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

Break Me Down is very active on social media, by following the band you will always be updated on all the news concerning it.


Break Me Down is an Alternative Metal band founded in Milan in 2017. Its live performances concentrate all the energy and energy from which the songs are born in a single and powerful emotion.

In January 2018, with Faith Blurry on vocals, the band released the first EP, entitled “Resilience“, containing 3 unreleased songs. Among the numerous dates made around the peninsula, important were the openings to international artists such as Crazy Town, Joe Stump’s Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore and Lacuna Coil.

In February 2019 Faith left the band to follow her musical journey. In March 2019 the new singer Irene Franco joined BMD. In October of the same year, the band released the first album “The Pond” preceded by two singles “Your Game” and “The Noose”. In February 2020, by mutual agreement with the other members of the band, Irene left BMD for personal reasons.

The boys decided to call Veronica Driven, a longtime friend with a great desire to work and emerge. A very talented singer with peculiar dark-toned vocal dynamics tending to blues that gives the project that particularity that the band was looking for.

After a period of forced interruption of the lives due to Covid, the group returns to the stage in July 2021 with a sold-out evening that inaugurates the new concert season.

The current line-up features Veronica Driven on vocals, Laerte Ungaro on guitar, Giuseppe “LoChef” Greco on bass and Fabio Benedan on drums.

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